Friday, June 18, 2010

Yoga-laties at Bamboomoves

This past wednesday we had a nice full class for Yoga-laties AT Bamboomoves. While it wasn't mat-to-mat jam packed, it was still cozy. We began class with one participant saying she was looking forward to the class all day, one person saying her husband didn't come because he "chickened out", one participant who yawned in the first few seconds of class (which was quickly pointed out by me), and another person who dared to take the decision of keeping the fan off! We progressed into a sweaty, challenging class with moans, groans, eye rolls, jokes, light hearted talking back to the teacher (it is the bronx after all), and bliss. This class is truly a challenging class and the title can be deceptive. I am so thrilled to be a part of the yoga journey for the Bamboo family. These people have deepened their practice, uplifted/encouraged each other in class, and most importantly let go of the ego. In yoga classes, especially challenging classes, it is easy to enter with our ego, but when you have to fart in class during navasana, when your wrists hurt and have to do knees-chest-chin instead of your beloved chatturunga, when you have to take childs pose in the first 10 minutes of class, you have let your ego go. Letting your ego go is the first step in deepening your yoga practice beyond the body. Good work yogis. See you Saturday at 4.

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