Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 15 - Meditation with Guiness Book Tao Porchon Lynch

Today's meditation tip is another guided meditation and it comes from one of the worlds greatest Yogini's Tao Porchon Lynch.  Tao is a Guiness Book of World Records Yogini, as she is the oldest recognized Yogini at 94 years young.  This incredible woman is like a ray of light, always bringing inspiration and sunshine to each person.  She originates from Pondicherry, India and shook the yoga world and world of ballroom dance up with her Radiance.  I was lucky enough to learn from her, and bring her teachings to the incredibly fortunate students in my Yoga Teacher Training Course a few years back.  Along with inspiring the Yoga Teacher Trainees, Tao brought her teaching to the students at the Yoga Studio and brought so much awareness to the power of Yoga.  Ever since I will forever call her my teacher and friend, as she then went on to do workshops with my beloved friends at Harmony By Karate as well.

Her incredibly powerful moto that she lives by is "Nothing is Impossible".

If you are lucky to meet and learn with Tao, you will feel inspired.  If not you can always be inspired by her Amazing guided meditations in her beautiful book or CD.  Her voice is like an angel, and her energy permeates through every word.  Both items are available on Itunes or Amazon.
The Yogic Journey By Tao Porchon Lynch

Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life

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