Thursday, March 31, 2011

Karate Instructor Belt

Recently at the most amazing Karate Dojo, Harmony by Karate, we had another belt ceremony. Harmony By Karate encourages students to grow physically and spiritually, with the combination of disciplined approach to the Karate Katas and emphasis on the "Philosophy of the Week" as written by Sensei John on the welcome board, and discussed after every Karate class. All the students stood in line, as the incredible Sensei Joseph pulled out new belts for the students and Instructors. It was pretty incredible that he could hide so many belts in his Karate Gi, but then again if you know Sensei Joseph, you would know he truly is incredible. Sempai Fariha was awarded an actual Black Belt, and Sempai Jose and myself were awarded Instructor Belts (Black belts that have two white stripes). While I have been totally comfortable with my lovely Yellow Belt, this allows the children in the Kids Karate class to better distinguish the Instructor. I really did not expect to be getting a new belt, what an amazing surprise! Yet again, Sensei Joseph got us all good, since we were all completely unsuspecting to this wonderful event. Thank you Harmony By Karate for teaching me to grow and embrace a lovely practice of Karate.
Pictured: The Amazing Sensei Joseph tying my new Instructor Belt on me.


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