Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Yoga of Graphic Art in Ireland

Since I am highlighting the incredible talents of some artists lately, and how they can enhance the path of yogis, yoga studios, and any creative soul looking to have an artistic impact with their product or packaging etc., I have to include the incredibly talented Liam Anderson.  When I was in Ireland, I was blessed to meet some of the most kind souls.  While there, Riya Yoga was offering the Kids Yoga Teacher Training for which students receive my original Kids Yoga music & my children's book (The Yoga Adventures of Priya and Pooch - Indian Treasure). 
Course Manual, Kids Book and Cd

Riya Yoga Kids CD Cover - Art Work by Liam Anderson
Riya Yoga Kids CD Inside - Art Work by Liam Anderson
I like to have Teacher Trainees incorporate music because I have witnessed how powerful a tool it is for all kids, plus being a musician it is wonderful to create some music that can be woven into yoga.  Since many teachers utilize Ipods, i figured I could just burn the songs to CD or have them bring a USB Flash Drive.  Since I did not have CD's or a CD burner, I was lucky enough to meet Liam.  Liam said he could help me out.  While I thought he would just be burning the songs to disc, Liam actually took a liking to the catchy tunes and decided the CD's should have some album art work.  Liam is another person who is incredibly talented in graphic design and came up with a beautiful Album cover.  Special thanks to Liam for taking the time to provide this beautiful art work for me and the trainees to enjoy.  For anyone interested in having Liam provide graphic art work or web design, you can email him at:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training in Dharmshala, INDIA

This November 14th will be the start of Diwali Festivities, the grand opening of Ram Yoga Ayurveda Center, and the Riya Yoga 200Hr Teacher Training Course.  Along with an incredibly transformational experience with exposure to the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Reiki Level 1, students will enjoy a magical experience with breathtaking views of the Himalaya mountains, excursions to Kangra Fort, Sacred Temples, Bagsu Water Fall, special guest teachers and vedic scholars, and possibly Dharma Talks with his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

This promises to be a magical transformational experience.  For those interested in the course, feel free to find me on Facebook, or perhaps visit

The Yoga of Graphic Art

Before teaching at the Tathaasu Wellness expo, I realized I did not have any sort of business cards to exchange with others attending.  I set the intention that I would get into the swing of things and create some business cards for Yoga.  Literally the next day I was gifted with a sample of beautiful Yoga Business Cards from a talented graphic Artist, Daniel.  The Universe answered my silent prayer, and I never even had contact with Daniel prior to this.

Daniel once did the website for a resort where I taught in Kerala, India.  He does websites, business cards and promotional material.  For anyone interested in creating a professional website, or promotional material for their events, Yoga Designs is a great option.  Thanks Daniel for being so kind and creating such beautiful cards for me.

The Zen of Jungle Eye, when art and yoga unite

While teaching in NYC, I came across a beautiful artist rendition of a fellow Yogi (Bibi McGill) online.  I thought the work was luminous and spiritual.  Somehow synchronicity happened, and I made the connection with the incredibly talented artist who creates such consciously creative pieces of art.  His name is Ashley Christudasan and his art work receives growing acclaim under the name "Jungle Eye".

Unified Dimensions of consciousness are woven into this artist work in a way that makes each piece yoga for the eyes.  With detailed graphic layering, a rainbow of colors, black and whites, beautiful soul portraits, paintings, a depiction of yogis, or depiction of deities, their is a beautiful spiritual  richness that captures the infinite in each piece.
Grateful for a new piece of art _ Kaivalya

To my surprise Ashley "Jungle Eye" sometimes invites his fans on Facebook to compete for a chance to win a print of his work by giving a name for the piece.  Somehow a dark and mysterious piece caught my eye, and I felt it resonated with the word Kaivalya (Sansrkit for liberation).  To my great fortune, I won the contest, and Ashley felt this name was the right match for his work!  What an awesome day. I was so thrilled to receive my print of Kaivalya, which is now framed. 

For Yogis who are interested in making their photos luminous, multidimensional, and captivating, perhaps getting a soul portrait or promotional photo done with Jungle Eye, it is the best way to go.  Many well known yogis are adding the conscious flare to their photos with Jungle Eye!
After Jungle Eye recreated photo of me in Crescent Lunge pose, it soon became an internet meme with Zen 2 Zany on Facebook.  What an awesome surprise!!!  Thank you Ashley for sharing your talent!  For those who want their promotional photos, yoga photos, any precious photos immortalized into a "soul portrait", or to purchase prints of some of the conscious elevating prints of his vast collection of art, you can find more information at  or perhaps connect with him on Facebook.

We are one - z2z

Friday, September 20, 2013

Exploring Yoga and Pranayama at Tathaasu Magazine Wellness Expo

Last weekend, I had the honor to share in the international Tathaasu Wellness Magazine's Expo.  The expo was held in International Center in Missisauga, Ontario.  With some Amazing teachers, exhibitors, vendors, and delicious food, the weekend was a beautiful success!  The expo had 3 or 4 main rooms with invited speakers including myself giving their respective workshops throughout the day, and a host of vendors with booths that shared healthy teas, crystals, crystal healing, shiatsu, vaastu, ayurveda, astrology, and much more! 

On Saturday a brave group of yogis pulled out their mats to engage in a gentle yoga flow, and some fun partner yoga.  It was my first time having to teach with a hand held mic, with some yogis on mats, and with some yogis seated in chairs, which meant I had the chance to give some chair yoga cues for those seated while keeping the flow for the yogis on their mats.  It was lots of fun.  Some beautiful beads of sweat were shed, some new found joy was experienced, and laughter was exchanged during the partner yoga. 

The Sunday I had the chance to teach an intimate group of yogis some Pranayama (regulation of breath).  Pranayama is one of the 8 Limbs of this beautiful practice of yoga, and a vital part to our existence.  The group worked through a guided healing meditation, and pranyama techniques including ujjayi, bramhari, alternate nostril, kapalabhatti and sitali. 

We closed class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  It was beautiful. 

Special thanks to Tathaasu Magazine for this amazing opportunity to share Yoga & Pranayama with the participants.  The weekend also had an amazing Fashion show, great prizes, and Kirtan!

For those who have not picked up Tathaasu Magazine, it is a wonderful periodical that  highlights yoga, ayurveda, astrology and much more with relation to Holistic Health and Wellness.

For those who missed the event, be sure to check in with Rogers TV, Access Weekend, as they interviewed me and a few guest speakers at the expo.  It should be on today, and throughout the weekend. 

Thanks again to all who participated in this incredible weekend.  Special thanks to my Daddy for driving me and snapping some beautiful pictures.  Many people who met my dad were amazed by his calm peaceful nature, and some were quick to tell me how he has the essence of a Yogi.  He does indeed.  To all the yogis who shared in this magnificent weekend, keep enjoying your yoga practice, keep a heart of gratitude, and keep sharing smiles everywhere you go.  ~ Namaste

Recap of Yoga & Reiki from Ireland to New York

The past few months have been a glorious adventure of Yoga, Kids Yoga and Reiki.  From Ireland with three beautiful Goddess (Mia, Mielle, and Donna) as they immersed themselves into the transformative 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training, to New York City where Sandi took the same journey, then Joseph, David, and Anthony embarked on the incredibly fun and exciting Kids Yoga, and Stephanie, Mike, Dana and Doris all found healing and light in Reiki Level 1.  I am so grateful to have been invited to share and inspire new Reiki Healers & Yoga Teachers, and Kids Yoga Teachers.  Congratulations to these amazing individuals!  Keep shinning and spreading this beautiful holistic practice, inspiring more people to love & light.  Thank you all for being receptive to the practice of Yoga.  Special thanks To Sun Moon Yoga Healing Center in Limerick, Ireland and Yoga Nidra Studio in Brooklyn, New York.
Kids Yoga TT & 200 Hr Adult Yoga TT in New York
Reiki Level 1 @ Yoga Nidra Studio in Brooklyn, New York

200Hr Yoga TT in Limerick, Ireland @ Sun Moon Yoga Healing Center

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Ireland

Though I left Ireland last month, I realized I never posted about the incredible Kids Yoga Teacher Training.  For me Kids Yoga is one of my most favorite things to teach.  Kids are the most pure teachers of the 8 Limbs (Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samdhi).  I generally teach kids yoga with story, play and of course music.  While I have so much respect and gratitude to the amazing Kids Yoga Schools/Yoga Schools that I have had the honor to teach and share with like (Yogi Beans, Karma Kids, Little Flower, Bent on Learning, Bamboomoves, HMS, HBK, and the few youth shelters that I have taught at in Canada and India), I was so grateful to share this new RIYA YOGA KIDS program to inspire people different ways to bring Harmony to Kids through Yoga.

This incredible group of 7 yogis explored Partner Yoga, Yoga sequencing, Behavior Modification, Yoga Music, Yoga Stories, Yoga Adventures, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Games, and much more all geared to teaching kids yoga.  It was so fun to watch and share, and witness all their unique gifts and talents.  When we teach kids we truly should be able to be a kids too.  Have fun, smile, and consider everyone.  The group had so much amazing energy, and shared such beautiful ideas and insight when we discussed methods to work with kids.  Some of the group already works with kids, and this just provided different tools whether it was original music, my Kids book, or the manual that offered a variety of different ways to create a discipline that is both structured and fun.
Caravan of Camels (Partner Camel Pose/Ustrasana)

Bee Breathing - Pranayama

While I have had extensive experience with Children with Special needs, and this program works with all kids regardless of special need.  Kids do yoga naturally, and if you teach a child anything with a song they will remember it for their whole life, hence why we all remember our "ABC's.

That being said, I always recommend students to study further with other trainings and keep on learning.  Sonia Sumar is the lady I always refer students to, who want to specialize in Kids with Special Needs, as her experience and course are an incredible asset to the Kids Yoga Teachers tool box.  Radiant Child offers more brilliant music and tools, Yogi Beans, Karma Kids, Little Flower are all based in NYC, but provide awesome resources for those who want to share yoga to kids.

Special thanks to the incredible group of yogis who joined in the fun and adventures of Riya Yoga Kids Training.  It was such a delight to work with all of you.  More photos are on my facebook page.  Namaste ~
Back Pack Pose

Building Bridges (Golden Gate Bridge in Limerick) - Bridge Pose