Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Yoga of Graphic Art in Ireland

Since I am highlighting the incredible talents of some artists lately, and how they can enhance the path of yogis, yoga studios, and any creative soul looking to have an artistic impact with their product or packaging etc., I have to include the incredibly talented Liam Anderson.  When I was in Ireland, I was blessed to meet some of the most kind souls.  While there, Riya Yoga was offering the Kids Yoga Teacher Training for which students receive my original Kids Yoga music & my children's book (The Yoga Adventures of Priya and Pooch - Indian Treasure). 
Course Manual, Kids Book and Cd

Riya Yoga Kids CD Cover - Art Work by Liam Anderson
Riya Yoga Kids CD Inside - Art Work by Liam Anderson
I like to have Teacher Trainees incorporate music because I have witnessed how powerful a tool it is for all kids, plus being a musician it is wonderful to create some music that can be woven into yoga.  Since many teachers utilize Ipods, i figured I could just burn the songs to CD or have them bring a USB Flash Drive.  Since I did not have CD's or a CD burner, I was lucky enough to meet Liam.  Liam said he could help me out.  While I thought he would just be burning the songs to disc, Liam actually took a liking to the catchy tunes and decided the CD's should have some album art work.  Liam is another person who is incredibly talented in graphic design and came up with a beautiful Album cover.  Special thanks to Liam for taking the time to provide this beautiful art work for me and the trainees to enjoy.  For anyone interested in having Liam provide graphic art work or web design, you can email him at:

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