Sunday, February 1, 2015

Teaching Yoga in India

February 1st, 2015 is the first day I return to sharing my adventures with yoga.  After immersing in the inter module requirements of the 500Hr LOAY teacher training, I decided to continue following my heart with spontaneous joy and share my love for yoga.

This year I came to India with full intent to learn more, share and teach more yoga, and as always visit my family.  My original plan was to land in Kerala and see my family, head to the beach and teach yoga in Goa, and then venture North to Rishikesh.  I did land in Kerala and saw my aunty, and then somehow after meditation and prayer, I opted to cancel my trip to Goa and head to north India.  Rishikesh is considered the place for yoga, with many ashrams, gorgeous himalaya mountains, the mother ganga flowing, and all around amazing energy.  My beloved yoga teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra's guru, Yogi Gupta hails from Rishikesh, along with many other highly respected yogis.

Like many things in the Universe, things happen as meant to.  To my surprise a friend was their to receive me in Delhi airport, detoured my plans to go to rishikesh for a month, and instead I came to another beautiful part of India where I had the chance to teach daily yoga classes and reiki.

Having people from all over the world, with different yoga backgrounds come for daily class is an amazing experience.  With every experience teaching in India, I learn so much, compassion for people deepens, appreciation for the magnificence of mother nature unfolds, and more gratitude for this awesome practice of yoga unfolds, especially when you get to practice with the background of magnificent himalaya mountains.

So thankful for this amazing opportunity.  I am looking forward to exploring Rishikesh and learning from some of the magnificent teachers there.