Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bamboomoves BX Fundraiser for Haiti

The recent earthquake in Haiti has affected many people all over. Many people have been generous with their time and money to help the victims in Haiti find relief. This Sunday at 4:30pm Bamboomoves is holding a fundraiser for the victims of the recent Earthquake. Candlelit Yoga, and much more.

Yoga-laties @ Bamboomoves

Every other Saturday at Bamboomoves, BX @ 4pm we have Yoga-laties!! I am so excited to instruct this fantastic class that dives deep into the core. We explore our bodies with Sun Salutations, Pilates inspired core work, and more. This Saturday at Bamboomoves, BX, 4pm, bring your yoga mat, the goal of a slender mid section and healthy body!

Turmeric Elixir to Soothe a Sore Throat

It's the season where many of us have sore throats. A common family remedy in many Indian homes is Turmeric Milk. Turmeric has many amazing health benefits. It is commonly used in many Ayurveda's practices because of the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial properties. Recent research is linking turmeric to treatment for various cancers and Alzheimer's. It is also a wonderful addition to most curry dishes. To make the turmeric elixir that soothes the throat...

Turmeric Milk:
Use your 1 1/2 cup of the milk of choice (Rice, Oat, Hemp, Almond, or Cow)
Warm up the milk over the stove without boiling it
Add a Tsp of Turmeric
Pour into your cup/mug
Add honey or blue agave nectar for sweetening

Optional you can add cinnamon, cardamon for flavor!

Mix it up and drink the warm, light yellow cup of heaven. Feel free to discard the turmeric sediment that sometimes may rest at the bottom of your cup.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year - 6th day of my 30 day fast

January 9th and I am still wishing Happy New Year! At the same time, I am still wishing it was the Holidays, as I had tons of fun with my family! I also enjoyed EATING everything!!!! I knew I was coming back to NYC, and committing to a 30 day fast, so like every animal, I decided to use the holidays to store up food for the winter. The first 5 days of my fast was ridiculously challenging, and yesterday I truly could have hurt someone for a cookie, but I am on day 6, and I feel GREAT! This day was my biggest challenge because I teach 5 yoga classes at Bamboomoves, so I was concerned about my energy. Well, thankfully the energy of my students inspired me to push through! This fast is more of a challenge to my mind more than anything, I am not naturally a big eater, I just love the process of eating, and I enjoy tasting good food, which is why I have been known to be the girl who is able to "throw down" or "put it away" as many of said about my eating skills. Regardless, I am thrilled that my energy sustained for the entire day, and look forward to the remainder of my fast. Happy New Year again!

Navasana - Boat Pose

Boat Pose also known as Navasana is a core (abdominal) strengthening powerhouse pose in yoga. The first class back of 2010 at Bamboomoves we slowly progressed to boat pose, and the room echoed with the sound of a fart. So while the class is breathing and focusing on the core, there was a little exhale from the "other end" of the human body from one of my students. I knew the girl who let nature fly with the wind was mortified, so I had to laugh it off, make a little joke and say "it happens to all of us". Many people are intimidated by the thought of this happening in a Yoga class, and the reality is many of the poses release the toxins in our body, speed up our metabolism and inevitably awaken our intestines. I actually thanked her at the end of the class because now that intimidation has been broken, as the moment provided me with the opportunity to explain to the class how this was very normal. Since the moment was during Boat Pose, I can't help but say that every good boat needs a little gas.

To do pose pose:
  1. Begin in a seated position with the legs straight in front
  2. Slowly lift the legs to 45 degrees
  3. Keep the spine nice and long, allowing the body to take a natural "V" shape
  4. Balance on the sits bones and breathe the chest towards the thighs
  5. Extend the hands out to either side of the legs

Beginners can bend the knees so the calves are parallel to the floor.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Yogi

I am so thankful for 2009! Last year provided amazing growth in my Yoga practice, amazing yoga experiences both in private and group settings, wonderful music gig /studio/writing opportunities, met some really great people, and I learned a lot. Last year, after tireless work with a film, completing a feature length score and sound editing, I was faced with an unfortunate predicament. Despite the challenges that can face budding artists, the silver lining was an amazing learning experience, which inspired a chance to dive deep into my yoga practice, and the approaching Christmas Holiday. To lift my spirits I decided to dress up like Santa and do some Yoga. My friend thought it would be funny to share. While this video could have been posted at Christmas time 2009, who says it can't be Christmas all year round? Regardless of what we celebrate, lets embrace a positive shift to healthy living in this New Year. A healthy mind, body and spirit can help us through all the challenges that we face. Hope everyone had a lovely Holiday Season (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and any other festivities of the Season), and embraces a healthy fitness routine and healthy eating habits for this amazing new year. It was so great to be home in Canada with the family, eat a lot of yummy food, and hear other Canadians end phrases with eh! Enjoy 2010!
~Peace & hugs Ambria