Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year - 6th day of my 30 day fast

January 9th and I am still wishing Happy New Year! At the same time, I am still wishing it was the Holidays, as I had tons of fun with my family! I also enjoyed EATING everything!!!! I knew I was coming back to NYC, and committing to a 30 day fast, so like every animal, I decided to use the holidays to store up food for the winter. The first 5 days of my fast was ridiculously challenging, and yesterday I truly could have hurt someone for a cookie, but I am on day 6, and I feel GREAT! This day was my biggest challenge because I teach 5 yoga classes at Bamboomoves, so I was concerned about my energy. Well, thankfully the energy of my students inspired me to push through! This fast is more of a challenge to my mind more than anything, I am not naturally a big eater, I just love the process of eating, and I enjoy tasting good food, which is why I have been known to be the girl who is able to "throw down" or "put it away" as many of said about my eating skills. Regardless, I am thrilled that my energy sustained for the entire day, and look forward to the remainder of my fast. Happy New Year again!

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