Saturday, January 9, 2010

Navasana - Boat Pose

Boat Pose also known as Navasana is a core (abdominal) strengthening powerhouse pose in yoga. The first class back of 2010 at Bamboomoves we slowly progressed to boat pose, and the room echoed with the sound of a fart. So while the class is breathing and focusing on the core, there was a little exhale from the "other end" of the human body from one of my students. I knew the girl who let nature fly with the wind was mortified, so I had to laugh it off, make a little joke and say "it happens to all of us". Many people are intimidated by the thought of this happening in a Yoga class, and the reality is many of the poses release the toxins in our body, speed up our metabolism and inevitably awaken our intestines. I actually thanked her at the end of the class because now that intimidation has been broken, as the moment provided me with the opportunity to explain to the class how this was very normal. Since the moment was during Boat Pose, I can't help but say that every good boat needs a little gas.

To do pose pose:
  1. Begin in a seated position with the legs straight in front
  2. Slowly lift the legs to 45 degrees
  3. Keep the spine nice and long, allowing the body to take a natural "V" shape
  4. Balance on the sits bones and breathe the chest towards the thighs
  5. Extend the hands out to either side of the legs

Beginners can bend the knees so the calves are parallel to the floor.

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