Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rockin the Bindi

So recently I decided to rock a Bindi. Rock a Bindi? Huh? A Bindi is a traditional decorative addition to the forehead for Indian women. Often times it is recognized as fashion, also it is connected to the third eye chakra (Ajna). While people assume that it is a Hindu symbol for marital status, actually it is commonly seen among all Indians regardless of religious creed. As it is worn at the third eye, people believe it to ward off dark spirits, to deepen intuition, and also to bring beauty to a woman.

Two reasons I have been wearing the Bindi.

1) Reason #1 This past weekend, my amazing Daddy and some other amazing Indian Men (Uncles as I call them) were honored for being the past presidents for the South Indian Malayalam Samajam (Association) in Southern Ontario. The beauty of this honor is that my Daddy, was one of the first Presidents to Unite Hindu's, Christians, and Muslims in Canada to celebrate traditions and festivals that would inspire the second generation South Indians, such as myself. We would have Talent Shows, Summer Picnics, Celebrate Festivals like Onam and Christmas in order to recognize and unite in a venue that brought the community together. For many youth in the community the Samajam provided a stage for the arts, a place to make friends, and a platform for group sports.

Since I was missing the festivities, I snapped a picture of my Bindi and texted it to my Big Brother saying that I am wearing the Bindi in honor of our Daddy, and he said jokingly...."Geez, wish that was all I had to do". Apparently, the best part of the evening was that my 4 year old nephew came onto the stage with my dad, and one of the past Presidents jokingly asked my dad "when was he President?" LOL. Congratulations to all the amazing Presidents who have united South Indians to celebrate culture, tradition and inspire future generations of Maloo's in peace & harmony.

2) Reason #2 This Wednesday marks Diwali!!! Diwali is the amazing Festival of Light, to remember how Good conquers evil, Light outshines the darkness. Light your lamps, lanterns and eat your sweets!!! Happy Diwali Folks!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Story Time with Karma Kids

Today was Story Time with Karma Kids....The Yoga Adventures of Priya & Pooch was introduced to an amazing group of adorable little Yogis. I am so grateful to Shari from Karma Kids for inviting me to share my book, some of my music and Yoga with the lovely kids. Despite the Rain we had an amazing turn out of little kiddies!!! They spread out all over the room, slowly crawled towards me, and at the end crowded around for photos! As we progressed more Kids entered into the Karma Kids Studio and joined us for the fun adventure!!!

We began with the Karma Kids Om Song, and as The book is filled with many yoga poses we did the poses from each page, occasionally did a musical number to coincide with the Story, and at the end I played my guitar and led them in a few more of my Yoga Tunes. With Elephants, Monkeys, Butterflies, Tigers, Camels, Trees and many more poses to explore, these kids maintained the most inspirational level of energy!!! Kids have the most sincere way to inspire people to Yoga. When we were on the floor rolling like Caterpillars, one gorgeous little yogini pointed out how her Caterpillar was growing! When asking the kids to count or name the animals, the enthusiasm & excited responses were awesome. Many of the kids come to Karma Kids, and are familiar with the practice of Yoga from the incredible guidance of Karma Kids Yogis.

5 YOGI Lessons we can learn from Kids:
1. When the music plays they shake and sing with all their hearts
2. When they fall, they get back up with a Giant Smile
3. When they practice yoga....the approach is with tremendous JOY
4. When someone else knocks them over....they laugh and get back up as well.....and most often go and play with the person who accidentally knock them down without any memory of the fall
5. Tree Pose is really not that serious.

Thanks Shari for inviting me to your amazing Studio, and helping in demonstrating the Yoga Poses during the Story and Songs, YOU ROCK!!! Thank you to all the amazing kids, parents and nannies who particpated....You are all amazing!!!

Experiencing Zen

Upstate NY hides the most magical place on earth....The Zendo. It was an honor and privilege to be invited to share in the Buddhist Monastery informal practices, and also provide Yoga Classes. First let me start by saying, I set the intention a month ago to teach yoga in spiritually enlightened places, and literally two days after I wrote my intention, an amazing friend/Fellow Ohashiatsu Alumni contacted me, and insisted that I visit this Buddhist Zendo....WOW the Universe is quick to respond! I had missed visits to the Zendo in my Ohashiatsu classes, so this was an amazing treat! The setting was absolutely magical..... The magical lake, the Zendo Meditation Room for daily "sits", the Chanting Room, the Gong, the practices of the Monks, the Silent Meals that begin with beautiful Buddhist Chanting, the Beavers, Deers and Bears that play in the surrounded landscape in peace & harmony was just a touch of the magic that I experienced. From the first moment I stepped onto the grounds, I knew I was blessed. To share in the Samu practice, which is similar to Karma Yoga (selfless service) was so amazing.....I have never loved sweeping the floor more in my life! The monks were the most incredible individuals with kindness and purity of heart. The icing on the Vegan Cake was that I got to teach them Yoga....and every resident participated. The collective energy was magical. I look forward to this amazing new relationship, and I am grateful to this magical place, and for the invitation to share Yoga with the Monks. This is a place for transformation, reflection, spiritual evolution and joy! Thank you so much Mark & all the Monks & residents at the Zendo for welcoming me into your family. It was amazing to experience how receptive you all were to the practice of yoga. ~ Om Shanti

" Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment" ~ Buddah

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FULL MOON - Manifest your dreams

Tonight is the full moon in Aries. This is a powerful night where we can set intentions for our life and experience the amazing changes this moon can bring into our life. This full moon and season are all about letting go of things that no longer serve you, like fear, grudges, grief, clutter, and anything that is occupying space in your heart without purpose. We are connected to all things in this Universe, therefore it is important what we place our attention on. Let go, Recycle, and Restore your life with loving energy.

For me, I am so grateful for the amazing addition that crystal healing has brought into my life. For those who practice yoga, you can use crystals to meditate or with chakras. It is a lovely tool. Many times I would wear crystal jewelry for specific energy during a yoga session, or place them on the altar of the given yoga studio. A lovely Altar Crystal Layout I enjoy is Apotholyte (upper chakras & Angelic Realm), Rose Quartz (to open the heart chakra and create a sense of love), and Amethyst (for a peaceful energy). A while back I had huge Black Tourmaline Pieces (a stone that absorbs negative energy of others & psychic attacks). The stones broke and powdered, and I was told that it was due to psychic attacks which was actually what I was going through. Crystals, Rocks, Stones do have powers which is why many yogis of old used to wear them to generate specific energetic qualities.

Set your stones out in the moon light to get charged, and notice how they twinkle in a special way. Find an amazing Crystal Healer to help you or a loved one in your specific desires, and see how stones can magnify your happiness.....Get Stoned (LOL)!

Some amazing people who have helped and inspired me on my crystal journey include:
Angel at Union Square NYC
Mary Henry of Mukti Healing
Krista the Rock Whisperer
Heather from Stick Stone and Bones
The Rock Store Toronto

As Autumn relates to the Metal Element, the some pranayama to awaken this energy. The Lung Meridian is located in the arms, so challenge your practice with Arm Balances.

For me, Arm balances ironically come with some remnants of fear from many accidents (dislocated collar bone, wrist injury, spinal injury from a few car accidents which thankfully have healed but the fear of a repeat injury sometimes lingers). Nevertheless, since I am letting go of things that no longer serve me, I decided to jump to the challenge and work on some arm balances to truly highlight the Lung Meridian with Yoga Asana. Feel free to enjoy the yoga video inspired by the Metal Element.

Click on this link to watch the video: Yoga for Metal Element

Namaste & Enjoy the Full Moon!