Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rockin the Bindi

So recently I decided to rock a Bindi. Rock a Bindi? Huh? A Bindi is a traditional decorative addition to the forehead for Indian women. Often times it is recognized as fashion, also it is connected to the third eye chakra (Ajna). While people assume that it is a Hindu symbol for marital status, actually it is commonly seen among all Indians regardless of religious creed. As it is worn at the third eye, people believe it to ward off dark spirits, to deepen intuition, and also to bring beauty to a woman.

Two reasons I have been wearing the Bindi.

1) Reason #1 This past weekend, my amazing Daddy and some other amazing Indian Men (Uncles as I call them) were honored for being the past presidents for the South Indian Malayalam Samajam (Association) in Southern Ontario. The beauty of this honor is that my Daddy, was one of the first Presidents to Unite Hindu's, Christians, and Muslims in Canada to celebrate traditions and festivals that would inspire the second generation South Indians, such as myself. We would have Talent Shows, Summer Picnics, Celebrate Festivals like Onam and Christmas in order to recognize and unite in a venue that brought the community together. For many youth in the community the Samajam provided a stage for the arts, a place to make friends, and a platform for group sports.

Since I was missing the festivities, I snapped a picture of my Bindi and texted it to my Big Brother saying that I am wearing the Bindi in honor of our Daddy, and he said jokingly...."Geez, wish that was all I had to do". Apparently, the best part of the evening was that my 4 year old nephew came onto the stage with my dad, and one of the past Presidents jokingly asked my dad "when was he President?" LOL. Congratulations to all the amazing Presidents who have united South Indians to celebrate culture, tradition and inspire future generations of Maloo's in peace & harmony.

2) Reason #2 This Wednesday marks Diwali!!! Diwali is the amazing Festival of Light, to remember how Good conquers evil, Light outshines the darkness. Light your lamps, lanterns and eat your sweets!!! Happy Diwali Folks!

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