Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Story Time with Karma Kids

Today was Story Time with Karma Kids....The Yoga Adventures of Priya & Pooch was introduced to an amazing group of adorable little Yogis. I am so grateful to Shari from Karma Kids for inviting me to share my book, some of my music and Yoga with the lovely kids. Despite the Rain we had an amazing turn out of little kiddies!!! They spread out all over the room, slowly crawled towards me, and at the end crowded around for photos! As we progressed more Kids entered into the Karma Kids Studio and joined us for the fun adventure!!!

We began with the Karma Kids Om Song, and as The book is filled with many yoga poses we did the poses from each page, occasionally did a musical number to coincide with the Story, and at the end I played my guitar and led them in a few more of my Yoga Tunes. With Elephants, Monkeys, Butterflies, Tigers, Camels, Trees and many more poses to explore, these kids maintained the most inspirational level of energy!!! Kids have the most sincere way to inspire people to Yoga. When we were on the floor rolling like Caterpillars, one gorgeous little yogini pointed out how her Caterpillar was growing! When asking the kids to count or name the animals, the enthusiasm & excited responses were awesome. Many of the kids come to Karma Kids, and are familiar with the practice of Yoga from the incredible guidance of Karma Kids Yogis.

5 YOGI Lessons we can learn from Kids:
1. When the music plays they shake and sing with all their hearts
2. When they fall, they get back up with a Giant Smile
3. When they practice yoga....the approach is with tremendous JOY
4. When someone else knocks them over....they laugh and get back up as well.....and most often go and play with the person who accidentally knock them down without any memory of the fall
5. Tree Pose is really not that serious.

Thanks Shari for inviting me to your amazing Studio, and helping in demonstrating the Yoga Poses during the Story and Songs, YOU ROCK!!! Thank you to all the amazing kids, parents and nannies who particpated....You are all amazing!!!

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