Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Experiencing Zen

Upstate NY hides the most magical place on earth....The Zendo. It was an honor and privilege to be invited to share in the Buddhist Monastery informal practices, and also provide Yoga Classes. First let me start by saying, I set the intention a month ago to teach yoga in spiritually enlightened places, and literally two days after I wrote my intention, an amazing friend/Fellow Ohashiatsu Alumni contacted me, and insisted that I visit this Buddhist Zendo....WOW the Universe is quick to respond! I had missed visits to the Zendo in my Ohashiatsu classes, so this was an amazing treat! The setting was absolutely magical..... The magical lake, the Zendo Meditation Room for daily "sits", the Chanting Room, the Gong, the practices of the Monks, the Silent Meals that begin with beautiful Buddhist Chanting, the Beavers, Deers and Bears that play in the surrounded landscape in peace & harmony was just a touch of the magic that I experienced. From the first moment I stepped onto the grounds, I knew I was blessed. To share in the Samu practice, which is similar to Karma Yoga (selfless service) was so amazing.....I have never loved sweeping the floor more in my life! The monks were the most incredible individuals with kindness and purity of heart. The icing on the Vegan Cake was that I got to teach them Yoga....and every resident participated. The collective energy was magical. I look forward to this amazing new relationship, and I am grateful to this magical place, and for the invitation to share Yoga with the Monks. This is a place for transformation, reflection, spiritual evolution and joy! Thank you so much Mark & all the Monks & residents at the Zendo for welcoming me into your family. It was amazing to experience how receptive you all were to the practice of yoga. ~ Om Shanti

" Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment" ~ Buddah

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