Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cherry Pickers

Since Yoga-laties began at Bamboo, which I personally would prefer to call it "Zoga-laties" as it is a mix of yoga/pilates/Indian wrestler/mayhem/sweaty bliss all created from an inspired play list, the energy of the group, MY MIND, and the moment that exists within that sweaty 75 minute class. Each class is a challenge and sometimes I add new things, change the order/sequence, have new play lists, share inspiring stories, and crack random jokes. The substance of the class remains the same, while the tiny details can change.

Tonight, after nearly an hour of sweaty bliss, one devoted student called me (in the most indearing/loving way) "crazy" to which I agreed, I am. I am crazy about inspiring people to better health and wellness. If you are committed to taking class I am committed to your experience. Since she had also pointed out that "Pappa Don't Preach" was not played on our Madonna night class, I made sure to put the song on the playlist tonight, and share how this was another song I chose to perform as a little girl, at a slightly inappropriate age for my loving local, conservative Indian association. Looking back, it was great, "I" didn't think anything was inappropriate, but due to my age, and the lyrical content, many in the audience disagreed.

We had The Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" to inspire our butt section, Pearl Jam "Even Flow" to inspire some flowing sit ups, Aerosmith "The Other Side" to inspire to alternating side planks and "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" to lead us into Savasana. I love when people sing along, that is always fun! One thing that remains consistent in class is "Cherry Pickers". For some reason, while I changed the order of our sequence, people got excited that the Cherry Pickers would not be on tonight's menu of mayhem. No such luck Boogie Down Bronx. If the play list goes on, so do we. We picked, and picked, and picked while some students assumed that others had spilled the beans and indirectly reminded me, I was actually saving it till the end. Come on folks, "Cherry Pickers" is a staple in our class thus far....expect it every time. While we are not literally picking Cherries, it is a wonderful feeling! Tonight, it was the Cherry on Top, literally!

Heart Chakra Workshop

Thank you to all the participants who came to our Heart Chakra workshop at Bamboomoves. For those of you who signed up & paid but couldn't come out, we will see you at the next workshop. The Heart Chakra (anahata) allows love and compassion to flow freely. Anahata translates to unstuck. When we work on balancing this chakra we are able to forgive, let go, and love. Last Saturday, many of the lovely folks at Bamboo joined me in an evening of healing and exploration. We did pranayama (breath work), dhyana (meditation), asana (yoga poses) all related to the heart chakra. With Live Music from the brilliant sounds of a fantastic Sitar Player, Gian, we had a lovely night. We concluded our evening with Vegan Chocolate Cake called "Death By Chocolate" (deliciousness), green tea, and gorgeous red roses. Tears were shed, stories of forgiveness & healing was shared, some participants shared how yoga has inspired their lives, and joyful smiles. The exploration of the subtle body is such a beautiful thing, as it can deepen the yoga practice. The heart chakra is also a powerful chakra to explore. We are all made of love, and made to give and receive love. Forgiveness is a fundamental reality for us to work towards to experience true bliss, and Santosha (happiness/contentment), which is one of the niyamas of Patanjali. Thank you all for sharing in such a beautiful chakra workshop. Special thanks to Gian for playing lovely Sitar music for us, and Denise for taking such nice photos. Hope to see you all at the next workshop. If you would like to attend the next workshop, be prepared as we will explore the Throat Chakra (Vishudda) which governs how we express ourselves and our gift of communication. Live Music, Yoga, Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake and something very new and exciting! My love to you all!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yogi Eating

Recently after a sweaty class of Yoga-laties, one of the participants asked me "how many calories do we burn?". I would guess around 400 calories, maybe more. It is usually different for each individual because you take into consideration the weight of the individual and duration/type of exercise. A nice site I found for calorie counting is on health status. com. While many body builders count calories for meals (increasing calories to make sure they get enough for mass building), and dieters do the same (decreasing calories) for losing weight, I am not a fan of calorie counting. If your goal is to lose weight and you are an avid yoga lover, embrace the yogi diet, cutting out the meats and following ahimsa. The truth of the matter is, Yoga is from India and it is ancient 8 limb process, one of which is AHIMSA (non-violence to all living creatures) and the reason why many yogis embrace a vegetarian diet. A second truth is that the meats we eat are literally tortured and toxic to eat, we are better off taking it out of our diet. Then the question of protein comes into play. I am a yoga practitioner for a long time, along with my personal practice I teach up to five classes in one day, eating no meat, I have energy, and then some. There are many sources of protein for the veggie lovers (moon beans, chick peas, kale, quinoa, black beans, lentils etc). The only thing that challenges my energy is the current heat and humidity.

If it is hard to make the transition even after knowing how tortured our animals are in factory farms.....then at least....Cut out the sugar, processed foods (anything in a package), decrease your salt intake, replace your breads with better whole grain sources (sprouted bread, millet, spelt, rice, quinoa) and any veggie or fruit is a good addition to the diet. I know that it is a challenge especially since the fast food way is a quick fix for food on the go, but sacrificing your health is not good long term. High sugar/carb diets spike our insulin and affect our energy. The high sugar diet of many North Americans is giving rise to diabetes. Once you start eating the right foods you will have more energy, better hair and skin, youthful appearance, and better internal health. Remember your food is fuel for your body, if it has no nutritional value, your body will not perform at its best. Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, Love your Body, and your Body will LOVE you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kids Yoga Party with Yogi Beans

On the weekend, I had the chance to lead a Kids Yoga Party with Yogi Beans. In the past, I have had the chance of doing Yoga Birthday Parties with both Yogi Beans and Bamboomoves, but this was just a Party. The lovely young girl won the party at a school auction, it was given as a donation from Yogi Beans, and she decided to invite 9 of her friends to enjoy a Yoga Party. I set up Yoga blankets and each girl paired up on the blankets as we did some yoga. We did sun salutations, pranayama (breathing exercises), Yogi Says, Asana (yoga poses), Toga, Yoga chat, and meditation, and it was so much FUN!!! This lovely group of girls were so attentive, polite, caring to each other, well behaved and a total delight to teach! They enjoyed some snacks afterward, made sure to say thank you and cleared out. Many of them gave me hugs and said "You're the best yoga teacher ever", "I had so much fun" and "I want to do yoga with you again Ambria". Thank you girls for making such a wonderful Yoga experience!

Michael Jackson Yoga-laties Night

Michael Jackson Yoga-laties night at Bamboomoves. Being that this past Friday was the one year anniversary of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson's passing, we had a full play list of MJ songs. I have to admit, having the Madonna night and Michael Jackson night were amazing experiences because the music is soooo good! Usually my mix play list for yoga-laties class has one song of each artist in the selection (since I am a big fan). After the Madonna night some people asked me "what about Pappa Don't Preach" ? "What about Borderline"? and I have to admit, while I LOVE and have the songs, it is only a 1hr & 15minute class. Even when it came to our Michael Jackson night, it is amazing how much brilliant music this one artist has. We began with "Rocking Robin" "ABC" and progressed into "Billie Jean" "Man in the Mirror" and more. Some people sang along through their sweaty workout, we let out a "HEE HEE", and a "CHAOOOO", if you are a Michael fan you will understand. Nobody busted out in a moon walk, but maybe in the future. I have to point out that both artists (Madonna & MJ) have "original" great music, not that they wrote all the songs, but their signature styles oozes out of every word. They had music that made people feel good, and style all their own. When "Billie Jean" came on the speakers, I couldn't help find myself with a second wind of energy. At this point in the day, I was tired, taught 3 classes, had a chakra workshop to conduct after yoga-laties, and it was HOT, but something about the beat of the music and MJ's voice that was fantastic. My second wind made us do extra sets of leg lifts, which led to various texts/emails from folks saying that "they didn't feel the jiggle in their butt", "their butt and thighs ached". YEAAAAA!!!! Michael Jackson night was a hit. Most people agreed that they enjoyed Madonna night and Michael Jackson night, but one person said loud and proud "I liked Pearl Jam Night". We did a Rock night and had some Pearl Jam music on, so our Pearl Jam fans were happy, as was I. Music does make a difference in a challenging class, and being that we are made of vibration, good music allows us to enhance this vibrational frequency. While there are still eye rolls, grunts, moans, awareness of summer humidity, screams for divine intervention "Oh My God" and a room full of soaking wet participants, people still keep coming back!!!! I feel the love! Good job to everyone who sweat it out! Bring your water bottles and stay hydrated throughout the week! See you all Wednesday night for another sweaty class with good tunes.

Yoga Outdoors

Last week, we had the Solstice and the Central Park Yoga. I am so proud of the people who ventured out to either event, to deepen their practice. The last two years I was able to attend the Solstice and many would agree, it was a magnificent experience. Doing yoga in Times Square, with so many people, and the sky above you was a wonderful way to do yoga. This year I was not able to attend but some friends of mine did and they loved it. Students from Bamboo who attended admitted that it was a wonderful experience to do yoga outdoors. Unfortunately, the Central Park Yoga was cancelled due to the weather, but what a lovely turn out. When we practice yoga outdoors we become more in tune with nature, and I think it is a deeper spiritual experience. If you are unable to attend either of these events in the future, roll out your yoga mat in the park or your backyard, take deep breaths, and do a Sun Salutation! You will love it!
Pictured: Me at the 2009 Solstice

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Madonna Night @ Bamboomoves

Yoga-laties class always has a fun playlist to keep the energy going. With the class being challenging, the music helps with the motivation to get us in the groove. Last night we had a Madonna night! A whole yoga-laties class with amazing music playlist from the amazing Madonna. I am a huge Madonna fan, she is a friend in my mind, I just think she is an inspiration. Her ability to reinvent herself, make great "feel good" music, stay in killer shape, and maintain a sense of humanity is great! Did I mention she is a friend in my mind? Growing up, I used to perform Madonna songs for a conservative Indian crowd, and despite suggestions to pick a different singer to sing songs of, I stayed true to my girl! We began class with "Like a Prayer" progressed into a mix of Madonna old and new, and then ended with "Take a Bow". You really don't need other music when you have Madonna songs! I am so thrilled to be part of the journey with the devoted faithfuls that come to class. Stephanie came in showing off her sexy toned abs, referring to it as "Body by Ambria". I love it!!!! Every participant has noticed changes in their body. At the start of class I felt the need to ask if anyone felt the heat today, and gave the disclaimer to take it easy, somehow I sensed the energy of heat exhaustion in the air. I am no stranger to heat exhaustion, as I have had my fair share from the many trips to India where I would be entertaining my relatives with fainting, nausea, and more fainting. Unfortunately, my instincts were right, and one devoted participant had the nausea feeling, later admitting to me that the AC broke down at her job. Thankfully she was fine. With the weather on the humid side, lets all be mindful to stay hydrated as it can bring on the dizzy, nausea, and fatigue. Also, putting ice on the wrists is a nice way to cool the body.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Pictures from Central Park Yoga

Though the event for Yoga on the Great Lawn was rained out. The crowd was still huge and the lines of people were enormous. Here are some more pictures of the event.
Pictured: Crowd Shots and Amy (fellow Yogi Bean Instructor) and myself.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yoga on the Great Lawn at Central Park

Since my ankle has been hurting me so much I was in need of a break. Somehow the Universe, with the help of Andrew of Bamboomoves, arranged for me to be an assisting instructor at the Central Park Yoga on the Great Lawn. Ironically I wanted to attend the class as a student but I usually teach a class on Wall Street at that time. It actually worked out. My already scheduled Yoga class on Wall Street was taught by my dear friend and fellow yoga instructor, Katie. I left the Yogi Beans studio, teaching a class and though I was happy to assist people in this wonderful experience of yoga on the great lawn, my ankle issue was making me want rest. I got there, and had to change behind a tree (which I have never done) into the instructor uniform. I was being "shielded from view" by the tree and fellow Yogi Bean teacher, Amy. We are asked to make sure that people fill up the front section of the lawn and then the back. I had to go to the bathroom and used a porta potty (another first time experience). I find my way back to my post and notice that people have rolled out there mats in my section, and my crowd control skills clearly lacked the intimidating abilities that the position may have required. Oh well, it is yoga after all. I was happy to see some students who come to my monthly chakra workshops from Bamboomoves, and other friends that I knew. One friend was unable to eat his Vegan Chocolate Cupcake due to being on a diet, so I was more than willing to assist. There I was eating his delicious Vegan Cupcake from Otarian while standing in Tree Pose. A fellow Berklee College of Music Alumni & Canadian was on stage playing bass, Garth Stevenson. The brilliant Dharma Mittra led the Om. Elena Brower led what seemed to be a semi Sun Salutation while tiny drops of rain fell from stone grey clouds, and the thousands of people who laid out there yoga mats left the great lawn, due to a monsoon like rain! Sadly there were still thousands of people lined up waiting to get into the sectioned off area of the park. They said it would be rescheduled, and oddly I was happy because the pain in my ankle was not pleasant at this point. Myself and a friend peacefully walk to the exit and get drenched on our way to the train. Before getting to the train we stop at Starbucks for a tea, I changed out of my uniform top, and I create a rain poncho from a trash bag that was given to me by the Starbucks lady. While there was really no yoga on the great lawn, like every yoga experience it was life changing and unique. I changed in a public place, used a porta potty, ate my dieting friends Vegan cupcake in front of him while doing a tree pose, made a lovely rain poncho from a trash bag, and was inspired to be serious about seeing a podiatrist for my foot. I guess I was meant to be there. Before the rain came down hard, they announced that they will repeat the event later in the summer. ~ Peace & Hugs, Ambria

Shiatsu Tsubo Point Therapy

Every Friday I have had the wonderful opportunity to study Shiatsu. Last Friday I had class, and tremendous knee pain (I had surgery years ago on my knee) and ankle pain. Along with knee issues, my left foot is slightly collapsing on me (I intend to see a orthopedist asap) which causes me to limp around when commuting from class to class. I tend to be optimistic and believe in mind over body so I pushed through. While I have been giving sessions my all, I have to admit I was neglecting my health. In walks Manuela, a visiting student from Italy to Shiatsu class. She and I talk, and she pulls out these Acupressure granule needles which are basically tiny seeds attached to surgical tape. She placed them on my Tsubo points which relate to the joint pain I was experiencing and after three days my knees felt so much better. Tsubo points are powerful points along the meridians that acupuncturist usually put needles into. This was like having the needle in the point for days at a time because I was told that they will fall off when my body doesn't need it anymore. While my ankle is still an issue, by the look of the protruding bone in my foot, it clearly may need more than acupressure point therapy. Only one side of granules feel off so far (my left knee which was never operated on). Thank you Manuela for sharing your expertise and knowledge, my knees felt brand new!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Namaste Matt Dillon

It is not surprising that on occasion I am tired. Last Wednesday nights yoga-laties class at Bamboomoves was a doozy, and when I instruct, I tend to demonstrate. The next day, I am off to teach some more private yoga sessions on the Upper West Side. My body was tired, and I was feeling parched and hungry, which is usually not a good sign. When I am hungry/thirsty or fatigued life creates wonderful stories for me to share with blog fans.

I venture into one of my favorite little Vegan Cafe's with intent to get something to eat and drink. I notice a charming gentlemen appearing to discuss his juice with the staff. I found him oddly familiar but couldn't pin point it. As he was leaving, he appeared friendly enough (smiling etc), so I stopped him and said "pardon me, what is that juice you are drinking?" He politely explained which one it was, asked my name, and I asked his....and then it occurred to me, I have seen him on some show or I ask...."are you in shows & stuff?"....he says yea. We have a nice chat about yoga, where I teach yoga, areas of New York and random nonsense (which is what I tend to talk about when I am hungry/thirsty/tired), I invited him to practice yoga with me, and to take class at Bamboomoves-while warning him about the challenging Yoga-laties class (I never want somebody's first experience with a yoga class led by me to be that sweaty torture class- which is how the students refer to it) I thank him kindly for the juice selection and wish him all the best with everything as he leaves the cafe. Still pretty much unaware of who this dashing gentlemen was, and more inspired by the fact that he mentioned he has practiced Ashtanga Yoga (which is the style I wanted to practice pre injuries). I felt bad that I didn't know who he was off the bat because I could tell by his energy that he was clearly gifted. I was also impressed with the fact that he knew most of the areas of NY that I know, and truthfully everyone knows the names of the Burroughs, but Canadians don't always realize that. At this point I am still oblivious to who he really was. I head to the Yoga Studio and mention to the girls that I met a celebrity, I think. His name was Matt. They freak out! Then they start googling. Matt Damon they ask? I say yea, I guess. The picture comes up, and I he was cute and had darker hair. Matt D.....Matt....something. Matt Dillon....up comes the picture.....and YES....It was him! Certain things happen in only in NYC.

They laugh at me for carrying on a conversation with a major celebrity without knowing it, and I had to admit I was more focused on the juice. I also don't really get phased by the concept of celebrity, eventhough I appreciate talent, our journey on earth is so much deeper than all of that. I was totally impressed with the kind heart/spirit of this man, his good selection of juice, the fact that he does Ashtanga (WOW-really powerful yoga practice), and that he said he would maybe take a class with me. The funny thing is, many of my long time clients are people that I gave my card with a genuine desire to help them deepen into a mind-body-spirit practice, and this was the same situation, only I didn't realize who he was in terms of celebrity. While it is possible he was just being polite, just so I could make up for being such a goof, I am putting it out in the Universe that I would love to help deepen your yoga practice Matt Dillon....and I totally disliked you as the mean cop in Crash. If you are ever in Pellham Bay, you are welcome to Bamboomoves on Saturday for Yoga, or you are more than welcome to a complimentary private yoga session with me. While I normally ask permission to post blogs about people, I feel like this is too cute of a story not to share. Namaste Matt Dillon.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Hugs and Kisses to the greatest Daddy of them all, my Daddy!!!! Wishing all the dad's everywhere the best of the day. Here is a picture of Daddy and I, at Humayuns Tomb in India. Humayun's Tomb was the first garden mausoleum in India, and said to be the inspiration for the gorgeous Taj Mahal and other Mughal architecture. While many people venture to India for Yoga, Ayurveda and peace of mind, the incredible architecture is worth taking the time to see. The combination of the lovely intricate Persian architecture, and breathtaking paradise landscape, set on the banks of the yumuna river, make it hard to believe it is actually a burial site. It was a wonderful trip, Thanks Daddy!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yoga-laties at Bamboomoves

This past wednesday we had a nice full class for Yoga-laties AT Bamboomoves. While it wasn't mat-to-mat jam packed, it was still cozy. We began class with one participant saying she was looking forward to the class all day, one person saying her husband didn't come because he "chickened out", one participant who yawned in the first few seconds of class (which was quickly pointed out by me), and another person who dared to take the decision of keeping the fan off! We progressed into a sweaty, challenging class with moans, groans, eye rolls, jokes, light hearted talking back to the teacher (it is the bronx after all), and bliss. This class is truly a challenging class and the title can be deceptive. I am so thrilled to be a part of the yoga journey for the Bamboo family. These people have deepened their practice, uplifted/encouraged each other in class, and most importantly let go of the ego. In yoga classes, especially challenging classes, it is easy to enter with our ego, but when you have to fart in class during navasana, when your wrists hurt and have to do knees-chest-chin instead of your beloved chatturunga, when you have to take childs pose in the first 10 minutes of class, you have let your ego go. Letting your ego go is the first step in deepening your yoga practice beyond the body. Good work yogis. See you Saturday at 4.

Sunset Yoga

The rooftop class on top of a gorgeous Wall Street high rise has one of the most glorious settings to behold. We are on the Terrace overlooking the water with the sun setting in the distance as we reach our arms to the heavens in Warrior Pose. With a semi party of lounge chair tanning folks on the opposite of the terrace, we manage to find tranquility and bliss while stretching our bodies. My class this past week were two lovely models.

The one thing I get to witness while instructing yoga is how every persons needs with regard to yoga is unique to the individual. Yoga sometimes can benefit the thinnest person by allowing them to work on strength and flexibility, and benefit the largest person with detoxification and weight loss. Beyond our size and structure, everyone benefits from the mental peace of mind and spiritual enlightenment of the yoga practice. While in the West we have morphed yoga into a physical fitness lifestyle, we have to respect the power of this ancient practice for what it is, a mind-body-spirit practice. Roll out your yoga mat and breathe. If you want a challenge for the body, and don't have the luxury of living in this gorgeous Wall St. condo, then come to Bamboomoves in Pellham Bay on Saturdays for Yoga, you are invited to have a one week free unlimited class pass! ~Peace & Hugs, Ambria

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yogi Beach Reading

While the summer is here, and many yogis may have the chance to get to the beach for some swim, sun, yoga, and reading! A good book makes for subway rides, beach time, and any time wonderful. A good book can inspire and heal, here is a selection of some summer friendly top five books:

1. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahnsa Yogananda
2. Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert
3. The Yoga Sutras by Patangali
4. Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
5. The Diamond Cutter, The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life, by Geshe Michael Roach

My Betta Fish Kutta

A month ago, I walked into a pet store and was so impressed by a gorgeous Betta Fish. He swirled and swished his glorious tail in his tiny vase, and seemed to look straight at me as he danced around. I was captivated by his long veil tail, and energy, I bought him. I named him "Kutta" which is short for Kuttapan, and the name apparently means "good guy" in malayalam. My roomate quickly became attached to the fish too, and one day, while he was "fish sitting" Kutta jumped out of the tank. Unfortunately, Kutta jumped when no one was around, and an hour later was found on the ground. Amazingly enough.....this little fish is fine! He was put back into the tank, and swam sluggish for sometime, and now with some TLC, he is back to his dancing self. Yea for Kutta! He is a true survivor! Betta fish can survive out of the water because they breathe through their mouths unlike most fish who primarily breathe through their gills. Now, I have moved to a lovely new place, and decided to give Kutta to my former roomate, as they have obviously bonded from this near tragic event. While I will miss Kutta, I know he is in good hands. Just watching these wondrous creatures swim around in their tanks is one of the most glorious forms of meditation. Yeaaa for Betta Fish!

Yogi of the Month - Veronica

The newest Bamboomoves Yogi of the month is the lovely Veronica! This wonderful young girl has helped lead class in sun salutes, yogi says, the butterfly game and savasana. She is also an active Karate student with a purple belt, and a participant in Mambo class. This shy yogi is an excellent competitor in Yogi Says and encourages her classmates whenever she can. Congratulations Veronica!

The Third Chakra - Manipura

Last month, we explored the Manipura Chakra at Bamboomoves. This is the 3rd Chakra sometimes referred to as the Solar Plexus. This Chakra improves our self-esteem, self confidence, wisdom, and magnetism. This exploration of the subtle body is growing in popularity and deepening the practice and peace of mind of all participants. With core inspired yoga, seed sound chanting, guided meditation, and Manipura Chakra meditation music we have a lovely evening. Concluding with the yummiest Vegan Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shortcake, the night was wonderful. This month we will revisit the Heart Chakra and hopefully will have the live Sitar Playing of Gian, who played at our second chakra workshop. Thank you all for attending and sharing your wonderful energy.

Eat, Pray, Love

The charming book "Eat, Pray, Love" will be coming to theatres this summer starring Julia Roberts. I myself have read this book twice, and enjoyed every page. It gives the adventurous account of Liz Gilbert, on her journey to deeper self realization through Italy, India and Bali. Read the book before you watch it in the theatres because, well the book is wonderful!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zane and Laura OM with Joy!

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" to yoke or join. Since we are all made of vibration, sound activates our chakras or spirit and further allows us to join our consciousness with universal consciousness. While I love to work with adults, kids, pre/post natal ladies, to enhance their yoga practice, the two lovely kids Zane and Laura have my heart every week. Working with Zane for over a year, I have watched him sing along with words, display enthusiasm to say OM, and much more. Laura has evolved into a mini teacher, by volunteering to lead our sing along sun salutation and various other activities. Laura has become Zane's Big Yoga Sister. We usually wind our class down with sharing our OM, hands held and with tremendous joy! Yogi Beans provides many yoga experiences for kids with and without special needs, for more information on available classes visit their site.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


With the growing rate of diabetes and obesity in America it is important to focus on healthy eating. In America 70 percent of people are considered obese, and this is adding to the growing rate of diabetes. We live in a country where we are hypnotized by giant marketing campaigns about the ease of eating packaged foods, foods loaded with sugar, foods loaded in sodium, and foods loaded in starch. A diet that is too high in sugar and starch can lead to diabetes and obesity without even being aware of it. Once we eat sugar and starch food gets broken down to glucose, which circulates in our blood, insulin is what helps the body absorb the glucose, which will be used as energy or stored in fat. Type 1 diabetes is when the body doesn't produce insulin, Type 2 diabetes is when the person loses its sensitivity to insulin. In Ayurveda for years cinnamon has been used to help with people who have blood sugar issues. Using cinnamon improves insulin and glucose metabolism and reverses insulin resistance. Studies have shown that cinnamon is especially helpful for Type 2 diabetes. It is also good for prevention. You can add cinnamon to your tea, to your foods recipes, etc. Another nice thing to take some cinnamon sticks and boil them till the water turns golden brown, let it simmer, and drink up. It is a yummy healthy cinnamon tea without the dust, soy lecithin and other unnecessary fillers found in many packaged tea bags. The home made cinnamon tea also adds a beautiful aroma to your home.