Monday, June 28, 2010

Yoga Outdoors

Last week, we had the Solstice and the Central Park Yoga. I am so proud of the people who ventured out to either event, to deepen their practice. The last two years I was able to attend the Solstice and many would agree, it was a magnificent experience. Doing yoga in Times Square, with so many people, and the sky above you was a wonderful way to do yoga. This year I was not able to attend but some friends of mine did and they loved it. Students from Bamboo who attended admitted that it was a wonderful experience to do yoga outdoors. Unfortunately, the Central Park Yoga was cancelled due to the weather, but what a lovely turn out. When we practice yoga outdoors we become more in tune with nature, and I think it is a deeper spiritual experience. If you are unable to attend either of these events in the future, roll out your yoga mat in the park or your backyard, take deep breaths, and do a Sun Salutation! You will love it!
Pictured: Me at the 2009 Solstice

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