Thursday, June 24, 2010

Madonna Night @ Bamboomoves

Yoga-laties class always has a fun playlist to keep the energy going. With the class being challenging, the music helps with the motivation to get us in the groove. Last night we had a Madonna night! A whole yoga-laties class with amazing music playlist from the amazing Madonna. I am a huge Madonna fan, she is a friend in my mind, I just think she is an inspiration. Her ability to reinvent herself, make great "feel good" music, stay in killer shape, and maintain a sense of humanity is great! Did I mention she is a friend in my mind? Growing up, I used to perform Madonna songs for a conservative Indian crowd, and despite suggestions to pick a different singer to sing songs of, I stayed true to my girl! We began class with "Like a Prayer" progressed into a mix of Madonna old and new, and then ended with "Take a Bow". You really don't need other music when you have Madonna songs! I am so thrilled to be part of the journey with the devoted faithfuls that come to class. Stephanie came in showing off her sexy toned abs, referring to it as "Body by Ambria". I love it!!!! Every participant has noticed changes in their body. At the start of class I felt the need to ask if anyone felt the heat today, and gave the disclaimer to take it easy, somehow I sensed the energy of heat exhaustion in the air. I am no stranger to heat exhaustion, as I have had my fair share from the many trips to India where I would be entertaining my relatives with fainting, nausea, and more fainting. Unfortunately, my instincts were right, and one devoted participant had the nausea feeling, later admitting to me that the AC broke down at her job. Thankfully she was fine. With the weather on the humid side, lets all be mindful to stay hydrated as it can bring on the dizzy, nausea, and fatigue. Also, putting ice on the wrists is a nice way to cool the body.