Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heart Chakra Workshop

Thank you to all the participants who came to our Heart Chakra workshop at Bamboomoves. For those of you who signed up & paid but couldn't come out, we will see you at the next workshop. The Heart Chakra (anahata) allows love and compassion to flow freely. Anahata translates to unstuck. When we work on balancing this chakra we are able to forgive, let go, and love. Last Saturday, many of the lovely folks at Bamboo joined me in an evening of healing and exploration. We did pranayama (breath work), dhyana (meditation), asana (yoga poses) all related to the heart chakra. With Live Music from the brilliant sounds of a fantastic Sitar Player, Gian, we had a lovely night. We concluded our evening with Vegan Chocolate Cake called "Death By Chocolate" (deliciousness), green tea, and gorgeous red roses. Tears were shed, stories of forgiveness & healing was shared, some participants shared how yoga has inspired their lives, and joyful smiles. The exploration of the subtle body is such a beautiful thing, as it can deepen the yoga practice. The heart chakra is also a powerful chakra to explore. We are all made of love, and made to give and receive love. Forgiveness is a fundamental reality for us to work towards to experience true bliss, and Santosha (happiness/contentment), which is one of the niyamas of Patanjali. Thank you all for sharing in such a beautiful chakra workshop. Special thanks to Gian for playing lovely Sitar music for us, and Denise for taking such nice photos. Hope to see you all at the next workshop. If you would like to attend the next workshop, be prepared as we will explore the Throat Chakra (Vishudda) which governs how we express ourselves and our gift of communication. Live Music, Yoga, Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake and something very new and exciting! My love to you all!

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