Sunday, June 20, 2010

Namaste Matt Dillon

It is not surprising that on occasion I am tired. Last Wednesday nights yoga-laties class at Bamboomoves was a doozy, and when I instruct, I tend to demonstrate. The next day, I am off to teach some more private yoga sessions on the Upper West Side. My body was tired, and I was feeling parched and hungry, which is usually not a good sign. When I am hungry/thirsty or fatigued life creates wonderful stories for me to share with blog fans.

I venture into one of my favorite little Vegan Cafe's with intent to get something to eat and drink. I notice a charming gentlemen appearing to discuss his juice with the staff. I found him oddly familiar but couldn't pin point it. As he was leaving, he appeared friendly enough (smiling etc), so I stopped him and said "pardon me, what is that juice you are drinking?" He politely explained which one it was, asked my name, and I asked his....and then it occurred to me, I have seen him on some show or I ask...."are you in shows & stuff?"....he says yea. We have a nice chat about yoga, where I teach yoga, areas of New York and random nonsense (which is what I tend to talk about when I am hungry/thirsty/tired), I invited him to practice yoga with me, and to take class at Bamboomoves-while warning him about the challenging Yoga-laties class (I never want somebody's first experience with a yoga class led by me to be that sweaty torture class- which is how the students refer to it) I thank him kindly for the juice selection and wish him all the best with everything as he leaves the cafe. Still pretty much unaware of who this dashing gentlemen was, and more inspired by the fact that he mentioned he has practiced Ashtanga Yoga (which is the style I wanted to practice pre injuries). I felt bad that I didn't know who he was off the bat because I could tell by his energy that he was clearly gifted. I was also impressed with the fact that he knew most of the areas of NY that I know, and truthfully everyone knows the names of the Burroughs, but Canadians don't always realize that. At this point I am still oblivious to who he really was. I head to the Yoga Studio and mention to the girls that I met a celebrity, I think. His name was Matt. They freak out! Then they start googling. Matt Damon they ask? I say yea, I guess. The picture comes up, and I he was cute and had darker hair. Matt D.....Matt....something. Matt Dillon....up comes the picture.....and YES....It was him! Certain things happen in only in NYC.

They laugh at me for carrying on a conversation with a major celebrity without knowing it, and I had to admit I was more focused on the juice. I also don't really get phased by the concept of celebrity, eventhough I appreciate talent, our journey on earth is so much deeper than all of that. I was totally impressed with the kind heart/spirit of this man, his good selection of juice, the fact that he does Ashtanga (WOW-really powerful yoga practice), and that he said he would maybe take a class with me. The funny thing is, many of my long time clients are people that I gave my card with a genuine desire to help them deepen into a mind-body-spirit practice, and this was the same situation, only I didn't realize who he was in terms of celebrity. While it is possible he was just being polite, just so I could make up for being such a goof, I am putting it out in the Universe that I would love to help deepen your yoga practice Matt Dillon....and I totally disliked you as the mean cop in Crash. If you are ever in Pellham Bay, you are welcome to Bamboomoves on Saturday for Yoga, or you are more than welcome to a complimentary private yoga session with me. While I normally ask permission to post blogs about people, I feel like this is too cute of a story not to share. Namaste Matt Dillon.

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