Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shiatsu Tsubo Point Therapy

Every Friday I have had the wonderful opportunity to study Shiatsu. Last Friday I had class, and tremendous knee pain (I had surgery years ago on my knee) and ankle pain. Along with knee issues, my left foot is slightly collapsing on me (I intend to see a orthopedist asap) which causes me to limp around when commuting from class to class. I tend to be optimistic and believe in mind over body so I pushed through. While I have been giving sessions my all, I have to admit I was neglecting my health. In walks Manuela, a visiting student from Italy to Shiatsu class. She and I talk, and she pulls out these Acupressure granule needles which are basically tiny seeds attached to surgical tape. She placed them on my Tsubo points which relate to the joint pain I was experiencing and after three days my knees felt so much better. Tsubo points are powerful points along the meridians that acupuncturist usually put needles into. This was like having the needle in the point for days at a time because I was told that they will fall off when my body doesn't need it anymore. While my ankle is still an issue, by the look of the protruding bone in my foot, it clearly may need more than acupressure point therapy. Only one side of granules feel off so far (my left knee which was never operated on). Thank you Manuela for sharing your expertise and knowledge, my knees felt brand new!!!

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  1. We really should talk soon. I've been interested in info on shiatsu for a while, but never knew anyone with info.