Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yoga on the Great Lawn at Central Park

Since my ankle has been hurting me so much I was in need of a break. Somehow the Universe, with the help of Andrew of Bamboomoves, arranged for me to be an assisting instructor at the Central Park Yoga on the Great Lawn. Ironically I wanted to attend the class as a student but I usually teach a class on Wall Street at that time. It actually worked out. My already scheduled Yoga class on Wall Street was taught by my dear friend and fellow yoga instructor, Katie. I left the Yogi Beans studio, teaching a class and though I was happy to assist people in this wonderful experience of yoga on the great lawn, my ankle issue was making me want rest. I got there, and had to change behind a tree (which I have never done) into the instructor uniform. I was being "shielded from view" by the tree and fellow Yogi Bean teacher, Amy. We are asked to make sure that people fill up the front section of the lawn and then the back. I had to go to the bathroom and used a porta potty (another first time experience). I find my way back to my post and notice that people have rolled out there mats in my section, and my crowd control skills clearly lacked the intimidating abilities that the position may have required. Oh well, it is yoga after all. I was happy to see some students who come to my monthly chakra workshops from Bamboomoves, and other friends that I knew. One friend was unable to eat his Vegan Chocolate Cupcake due to being on a diet, so I was more than willing to assist. There I was eating his delicious Vegan Cupcake from Otarian while standing in Tree Pose. A fellow Berklee College of Music Alumni & Canadian was on stage playing bass, Garth Stevenson. The brilliant Dharma Mittra led the Om. Elena Brower led what seemed to be a semi Sun Salutation while tiny drops of rain fell from stone grey clouds, and the thousands of people who laid out there yoga mats left the great lawn, due to a monsoon like rain! Sadly there were still thousands of people lined up waiting to get into the sectioned off area of the park. They said it would be rescheduled, and oddly I was happy because the pain in my ankle was not pleasant at this point. Myself and a friend peacefully walk to the exit and get drenched on our way to the train. Before getting to the train we stop at Starbucks for a tea, I changed out of my uniform top, and I create a rain poncho from a trash bag that was given to me by the Starbucks lady. While there was really no yoga on the great lawn, like every yoga experience it was life changing and unique. I changed in a public place, used a porta potty, ate my dieting friends Vegan cupcake in front of him while doing a tree pose, made a lovely rain poncho from a trash bag, and was inspired to be serious about seeing a podiatrist for my foot. I guess I was meant to be there. Before the rain came down hard, they announced that they will repeat the event later in the summer. ~ Peace & Hugs, Ambria

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