Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunset Yoga

The rooftop class on top of a gorgeous Wall Street high rise has one of the most glorious settings to behold. We are on the Terrace overlooking the water with the sun setting in the distance as we reach our arms to the heavens in Warrior Pose. With a semi party of lounge chair tanning folks on the opposite of the terrace, we manage to find tranquility and bliss while stretching our bodies. My class this past week were two lovely models.

The one thing I get to witness while instructing yoga is how every persons needs with regard to yoga is unique to the individual. Yoga sometimes can benefit the thinnest person by allowing them to work on strength and flexibility, and benefit the largest person with detoxification and weight loss. Beyond our size and structure, everyone benefits from the mental peace of mind and spiritual enlightenment of the yoga practice. While in the West we have morphed yoga into a physical fitness lifestyle, we have to respect the power of this ancient practice for what it is, a mind-body-spirit practice. Roll out your yoga mat and breathe. If you want a challenge for the body, and don't have the luxury of living in this gorgeous Wall St. condo, then come to Bamboomoves in Pellham Bay on Saturdays for Yoga, you are invited to have a one week free unlimited class pass! ~Peace & Hugs, Ambria

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