Friday, September 20, 2013

Exploring Yoga and Pranayama at Tathaasu Magazine Wellness Expo

Last weekend, I had the honor to share in the international Tathaasu Wellness Magazine's Expo.  The expo was held in International Center in Missisauga, Ontario.  With some Amazing teachers, exhibitors, vendors, and delicious food, the weekend was a beautiful success!  The expo had 3 or 4 main rooms with invited speakers including myself giving their respective workshops throughout the day, and a host of vendors with booths that shared healthy teas, crystals, crystal healing, shiatsu, vaastu, ayurveda, astrology, and much more! 

On Saturday a brave group of yogis pulled out their mats to engage in a gentle yoga flow, and some fun partner yoga.  It was my first time having to teach with a hand held mic, with some yogis on mats, and with some yogis seated in chairs, which meant I had the chance to give some chair yoga cues for those seated while keeping the flow for the yogis on their mats.  It was lots of fun.  Some beautiful beads of sweat were shed, some new found joy was experienced, and laughter was exchanged during the partner yoga. 

The Sunday I had the chance to teach an intimate group of yogis some Pranayama (regulation of breath).  Pranayama is one of the 8 Limbs of this beautiful practice of yoga, and a vital part to our existence.  The group worked through a guided healing meditation, and pranyama techniques including ujjayi, bramhari, alternate nostril, kapalabhatti and sitali. 

We closed class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  It was beautiful. 

Special thanks to Tathaasu Magazine for this amazing opportunity to share Yoga & Pranayama with the participants.  The weekend also had an amazing Fashion show, great prizes, and Kirtan!

For those who have not picked up Tathaasu Magazine, it is a wonderful periodical that  highlights yoga, ayurveda, astrology and much more with relation to Holistic Health and Wellness.

For those who missed the event, be sure to check in with Rogers TV, Access Weekend, as they interviewed me and a few guest speakers at the expo.  It should be on today, and throughout the weekend. 

Thanks again to all who participated in this incredible weekend.  Special thanks to my Daddy for driving me and snapping some beautiful pictures.  Many people who met my dad were amazed by his calm peaceful nature, and some were quick to tell me how he has the essence of a Yogi.  He does indeed.  To all the yogis who shared in this magnificent weekend, keep enjoying your yoga practice, keep a heart of gratitude, and keep sharing smiles everywhere you go.  ~ Namaste


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