Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Zen of Jungle Eye, when art and yoga unite

While teaching in NYC, I came across a beautiful artist rendition of a fellow Yogi (Bibi McGill) online.  I thought the work was luminous and spiritual.  Somehow synchronicity happened, and I made the connection with the incredibly talented artist who creates such consciously creative pieces of art.  His name is Ashley Christudasan and his art work receives growing acclaim under the name "Jungle Eye".

Unified Dimensions of consciousness are woven into this artist work in a way that makes each piece yoga for the eyes.  With detailed graphic layering, a rainbow of colors, black and whites, beautiful soul portraits, paintings, a depiction of yogis, or depiction of deities, their is a beautiful spiritual  richness that captures the infinite in each piece.
Grateful for a new piece of art _ Kaivalya

To my surprise Ashley "Jungle Eye" sometimes invites his fans on Facebook to compete for a chance to win a print of his work by giving a name for the piece.  Somehow a dark and mysterious piece caught my eye, and I felt it resonated with the word Kaivalya (Sansrkit for liberation).  To my great fortune, I won the contest, and Ashley felt this name was the right match for his work!  What an awesome day. I was so thrilled to receive my print of Kaivalya, which is now framed. 

For Yogis who are interested in making their photos luminous, multidimensional, and captivating, perhaps getting a soul portrait or promotional photo done with Jungle Eye, it is the best way to go.  Many well known yogis are adding the conscious flare to their photos with Jungle Eye!
After Jungle Eye recreated photo of me in Crescent Lunge pose, it soon became an internet meme with Zen 2 Zany on Facebook.  What an awesome surprise!!!  Thank you Ashley for sharing your talent!  For those who want their promotional photos, yoga photos, any precious photos immortalized into a "soul portrait", or to purchase prints of some of the conscious elevating prints of his vast collection of art, you can find more information at  or perhaps connect with him on Facebook.

We are one - z2z


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