Friday, September 20, 2013

Recap of Yoga & Reiki from Ireland to New York

The past few months have been a glorious adventure of Yoga, Kids Yoga and Reiki.  From Ireland with three beautiful Goddess (Mia, Mielle, and Donna) as they immersed themselves into the transformative 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training, to New York City where Sandi took the same journey, then Joseph, David, and Anthony embarked on the incredibly fun and exciting Kids Yoga, and Stephanie, Mike, Dana and Doris all found healing and light in Reiki Level 1.  I am so grateful to have been invited to share and inspire new Reiki Healers & Yoga Teachers, and Kids Yoga Teachers.  Congratulations to these amazing individuals!  Keep shinning and spreading this beautiful holistic practice, inspiring more people to love & light.  Thank you all for being receptive to the practice of Yoga.  Special thanks To Sun Moon Yoga Healing Center in Limerick, Ireland and Yoga Nidra Studio in Brooklyn, New York.
Kids Yoga TT & 200 Hr Adult Yoga TT in New York
Reiki Level 1 @ Yoga Nidra Studio in Brooklyn, New York

200Hr Yoga TT in Limerick, Ireland @ Sun Moon Yoga Healing Center

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