Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Exploring Philosphy, Vedas and Sitar with Ram Vakkalanka

Deep within every soul is a passion that is so deep it is elevated by others who share the same.  For me Music and Yoga are my two biggest passions.  I love to learn, to share, and also share with others the teachers who inspire me.  I was so grateful to meet this incredible teacher early this year, Ram Vakkalanka.  Ram teaches Philosophy (Sutras, Vedas), Sanskrit, Nada Yoga, Kirtan, Mantra, and Sitar.  He is a wealth of authentic knowledge, and expert who imparts the original meaning of ancient texts in his classes. 
Ram Vakkalanka

This morning after my yoga practice, I decided to pick up the Sitar again, and play.  While the sounds I created were most likely only enchanting for my ears, the music reminded me how grateful I am to have met this brilliant teacher.  Ram teaches for numerous Yoga Centers and Teacher trainings worldwide.  He is a brilliant addition to any Yoga TTC, or Yoga Center, for those who are eager to grow deeper in their knowledge of yoga in its most purest form.  While his talent in music is incredible, and his awareness of Yoga Sutras, Sanskrit, Vedas is vast, his method of teaching is so simple that everyone is eager to learn more. 

 For those interested in studying Yoga Sutras, Sansrkit, Vedas, Kirtan, Mantra, Mudras, Sitar...etc.  please visit Ram's website ( to arrange for this brilliant teacher to teach at your center, in your teacher training or private classes.  He is truly a gem to the global yoga community.  Thanks so much Ram, hopefully we can coordinate schedules and resume some lessons.

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