Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vedic Astrology

On the wave of the recent Super Moon, I am reminded of a really fun experience I had in India with an incredible Vedic Astrologer.  For those who missed the super moon, and or are unaware, it is when the moon is the closest to the Earth's orbit.  This recent Super moon was the biggest in over 20 years, and appears 30% brighter than normal.  The Super moon was in the sign of Scorpio, and the sun was in Taurus, and said to destroy negative patterns to make room for rebirth into the positive.  It is a time for transformation. Traditionally, yogis would adjust their yoga practice according to the sun and moon.  Even today, Ashtanga yogis maintain a practice that faces the sun, and that abstains from practicing on moon days.  Since ancient times Vedic Sadhus would monitor the patterns of the moon, the stars and planets to determine what the future would hold.  The reason why this science cannot be argued with is because for centuries many of these sages could not be proven wrong and prophetic tales have been handed down through the Vedas.  Even today in India, massive undertakings like marriages, building projects, and business ventures consult the planets before any action is taken, due to the accuracy of this ancient practice.

For some, the tradition of reading the stars and planets have been handed down.  According to Vedic Astrology, the planets, moons, stars are all in a specific alignment and help to create a framework of an individuals life path.  The difference between Vedic astrology and western astrology is that it actually focuses more on an individual's moon sign.  The chart analyzes the alignment of planets, moons, stars all at the time of an individuals birth.

For me, I had my chart analyzed by an amazing individual who is famous in India and throughout Europe for reading peoples individual astrological chart.  He enlightened me with his time and wisdom.  While for many years I knew I was born under the Sun Sign of Aquarius, I did not have any awareness of my moon sign, or rising sign, or how the planets lined up at the time of my birth, until now.  It was fascinating to learn how each planet has a specific affect on our journey.  The information in my chart was the most accurate review of my life of up to date. It was amazing to see how things in the past line up with my chart, and I am looking forward to the amazing things in my future.  Thank you Jai Krishna for your time and wisdom.  If anyone is ever interested in finding out the alignment of planets, stars and the moon at the time of their birth, this is the astrologer to go to.  

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