Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inspiration and Angels at I Can Do it, Toronto 2014

One of the teachers who has inspired my life and my teachings with yoga students is Louise Hay (Author of "You Can Heal Your Life").  Louise's approach to the power of affirmation, is in many ways the power of the yogic concept of mantra.  I am a firm believer that we are spiritual beings living a human experience, so prayer, meditation, yoga, and the idea that our loved ones and angels watch over us, is something I have both experienced and believe in.  For years I have been fond of the books & Angel Cards of Doreen Virtue.  Since childhood I have experienced, and believed that angels surround us, guide us and intercede for us.  This is the back story to my recent weekend with a line up of incredible teachers at I Can Do It, Toronto, 2014.
Radleigh Valentine, Doreen Virtue and Michael.

After 3 months teaching yoga in India, I was eager to learn, but something more for my heart & spirit rather than physical asana.  Being a fan of the work of Doreen Virtue, I thought it would be fun to enroll in her Angel Card Reading Certification Course.  I think I purchased my first Angel Cards 10 years ago, gifted many to friends, found another in Ireland, and most recently a deck while on journey to India.  To be in the presence of Doreen, Radleigh Valentine, and Doreen's husband Michael was like being taught by Angels.  It was a magical experience, and Doreen spoke to me after the certification course, confirming many things I already had felt about myself after reading her brilliant book "Realms of the Earth Angels".  Radleigh had the most joyful spirit, and all three of them inspired the entire crowd of 500 in the most profound way.

With Dr. Brian Weiss
The biggest inspiration to attending this weekend was finding the book recently in India "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss, which has been recommended to me for years, and I finally found it.  After reading the book, I raced to as many book stores in North India and South India to find more of his work.  I read through 3 more books, and I am currently reading Miracles Happen.  After experiencing the healing power of hypnosis (past life regression) last year, and reading this book, I was eager to attend his workshop or meet him.  This manifested quick at I Can Do It.  Dr. Brian Weiss put us (a jam packed crowd at Roy Thomson Hall) through an incredible past life regression.

Immaculee Ilibagiz, (Author of Let to Tell) who shared her incredible story of being a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda, experiencing the miracle of surviving from her prayer of the rosary (a prayer dear to my heart), and forgiveness of the people who murdered her family and tribe.  Her ability to forgive people who killed her family, and her conviction to her faith in Christ Jesus as the example of forgiveness led the entire crowd to a standing ovation.  Regardless of your religion, focused prayer is meditation, rosary is much like mantra on positive words, which can transform fear/hurt into love.  Forgiveness is the key to spiritual liberation, in yoga we would call this the mastery of the 2nd sutra (Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodaha), because unforgiveness is the seed to quieting the monkey mind.  It was so incredible to listen to this beautiful woman, and a blessing to meet her. 

I truly loved every minute of this weekend, and felt inspired by every teacher/author!  Anita Moorjani shared her incredible story of having stage 4 cancer, coma, and returning to share her story of the importance to "LOVE YOURSELF".  Alex Woodard led people to tears with songs and tales from his recent book "For the Sender".  Julie Daniluk inspired people to be conscious of what they eat, and understanding the "why" behind it.  I loved her because nutrition and foods that heal has always been something I love and share with my yoga students.  We also had the beautiful experience of doing some Kundalini Kriya's with Gabrielle Bernstein, which was much fun!  She is full of energy, honesty, and joy, with the message to all of us to "be the light so others recognize their light in yours"!  

This was a weekend of Yoga for the Mind & Spirit, and I am grateful for all of it.  The common thread of a "Course in Miracles" was weaved through many of the speakers, and while I would love to highlight all of them, I'd rather suggest that if you get a chance to go to a Hay House Event, please go!!!  Your heart and soul will be filled with inspiration and joy!

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