Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Be Open to Abundance

With the energy of the New Moon, and Navrathri (nine nights dedicated to Durga).  Ma Durga is considered a powerful Goddess, and the energy of mother is conceptually about giving birth to a new.  This is a time to release all lower vibration energies (Durga), be open to abundance (Lakshmi), and surrender to the concept of wisdom through worship (Saraswati). 
While many believe the planet has entered a massive shift, vibrational frequency change, it is evident to people who are empathic.  Deeper connections, the healing of old wounds, awareness and changes of old patterns of behavior, so we too can evolve.  Now is the time to be open to abundance.  If you are not a devotee of Hinduism, you can still practice gratitude, meditation, asana, and karma yoga (selfless service) as a way to purifiy yourself, as you evolve deeper to your own journey of Self-Realization. 
We all are love, everything is love, and when you can see that you set yourself free.


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