Sunday, December 13, 2009

Raw Soul Yummies!

As I have been educating myself more and more in the area of nutrition, food etc, I have come across many books about Raw Food. After meeting with a client, I was drawn to a lovely restaurant in Washington Heights called Raw Soul. This restaurant offers an amazing array of Vegan Raw Foods that will amaze your palate. I met a lovely young lady in their named Dawn, and she shared how she is a Raw Food Vegan for years as well as a Bikram Yogi. Meeting a strong woman with a vibrant spirit like Dawn, who is truly dedicated to her health was so inspirational. She was kind enough to snap a photo, while I was eating the most delicious Squash Cabbage soup, capturing my pleasantly surprised expression. The mouth watering soup was followed by a spouted crust personal pizza which was also crazy delicious. Every cell in your body feels good after eating this food. After realizing that the food tastes so wonderful, I decided to take the Strawberry Shortcake to go...WOW WOW WOW!!! The desert was practically sinful, it was so delicious that it was hard to believe it was healthy! Raw Soul has a wonderful menu, an array of juices, offers catering, and on-going classes which I hope to take in the new year to further learn about this yummy approach to healthy eating. Thanks Dawn for the lovely conversation, it was a pleasure to have met you! ~ Peace & hugs, Ambria

P.S if you are someone you know want to go to a delicious healthy restaurant, check out Raw Soul, you will wind up going back for's that Yummy! It's at 348 West 145th Street.


  1. 先告訴自己希望成為什麼樣的人,然後一步一步實踐必要的步驟。..................................................

  2. Vegan ~ Vegetarian

    If it tastes good then it's ok , as long as it's filling.

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