Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

While every day, and every breath is an opportunity to give thanks, today is a national day to give thanks for many Americans. Originally intended to be a chance to celebrate Harvest, it has been adopted as a wonderful opportunity for family & friends to get together and eat. Every year, my tradition has been to volunteer with the Missionaries of Charity, a place where I used to volunteer weekly. It is an organization started by Mother Teresa, continued on by the Brothers, Sisters and Lay people to house and feed the homeless. Since this is the week of my beloved Mother's Birthday, I have spent years volunteering with the Missionaries to celebrate her love, as she was the person who introduced me to the organization. Whatever is your venue to give back, remember each day is a chance to be grateful. The food banks run throughout the year. The words thank you can bring so much joy to another persons life.

The only disagreement I have with this Holiday is of course the massive murdering of the Turkeys. Just wanted to post a note to say thanks. I am filled with tremendous gratitude for all the abundance of love I have received from everyone & everything. Thank you. ~ Om Shanti

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