Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Moon - 11/25/11

While everyone is ripe with thankful thoughts and energy from the Thanksgiving Holiday, get ready and excited for the New Moon. What is a new moon? Well, when the sun and moon are aligned in the same sign, we have what is called a new moon. This is a time for transformation, to set intentions, create, cultivate, manifest, and make things happen. Waves are guided by the changes of the moon, as are the most intimate aspects of women, so we all have the opportunity to connect to the energies of this Universe.

The phases of the moon have an obvious affect on our energy. For instance the Full moon is related to the end of an inhalation, when prana is tremendous, which tends to increase energy and affect our sense of grounding. However, New Moon energy is related to the end of an exhalation, when apana is tremendous, which tends to make us feel grounded and calm.

Like the Farmer's Almanac encourages planting seeds on New Moon days, as it is supposed to be a time when rooting is strong, it is wonderful to set your intentions, plant our seeds. reflect and establish a heart of gratitude, it is a time to cultivate as well. Perhaps cultivate a personality or quality like forgiveness, courage, gratitude. For Yogis, we can do a Chandra Bheda Pranayama or practice a Lunar Yoga Flow, if you are a reiki practitioner you can do a Reiki ritual, or perhaps set up your Crystals on your altar, where you may want to have your intentions written. If you are an Ashatanga Yogi you observe Full moon and New moon days as Holidays. Set your intentions, solidify your visions, and embrace the energy of the new moon. ~ Namaste

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