Thursday, June 14, 2012

Temple of Joy & Happiness

"To enter the temple of JOY & HAPPINESS, you must first face the monsters blocking your way and deal with your fears." ~ Oracle Cards.

Sometimes the monsters are from our past, sitting deep withing our unconscious, not made of anything but wounds and past traumatic events.  These wounds are barriers and in many ways they allow us to "react" in a protective way.  Soon, they become patterns, in our relationships, and in our yoga practice.

I just returned from an incredible weekend of meditation and enlightenment in NYC.  I am grateful to have learned and shared so much with an incredible group under the brilliant sunny sky.  Even as a teacher, we learn how we ourselves have our own barriers, and when we recognize them and accept, so much liberation takes place.  Can we come to the understanding that our JOY & Happiness is actually our creation, that everything, good & bad is our creation.  This Universe is just a reflection, like a mirror of our thoughts.  The monsters & Temple of Joy are all part of our unconscious belief system.  While the goal of our practice is to elevate our consicousness, do we take the time to observe our unconsciousness?

Though I was scheduled to go straight from NYC to LA, to be a guest Instructor for a month long Training, I had to rush after news of my Aunty's rapidly declining health.  At her bedside, I took all the revelations of my magnificent weekend in NYC and applied them with her.  Yoga off the mat.

I learned that this existence is all a mirror.  Once I used to think....why would someone lie?  why would someone allow greed to dictate their choices?  I would think that way, because I don't do that.....But I learned to ask.....why would I allow this energy into my vibrational circle.  And most important, why would I ignore my intuition over charming words, or the facade of the title of Yogi.  It is balance.  Now, another revelation......Stop asking why......and instead learn to accept.

And perhaps the person who is the liar may see it is perfectly fine, that is their Karma, their pattern.  It could be from lifetimes prior.  The beauty is when we can Dance in these patterns, face these patterns and evolve.

It is much like when we practice, and there is someone who is talking.  It is our choice to focus on them or focus on our breath.  That being said, what is it deep within that makes us focus on the other, rather than our breath? What allows us to enable the hurt, enable the fear?  Sometimes, we must take the time to dig deep, and discover the root of these patterns.  In order for us to listen, we must learn to be silent.  And in those silent moments, on and off the mat, we discover the path to our Temple of JOY & HAPPINESS.

Much like our yoga practice, we must learn to take responsibilities and face our fears.  Like Sri Dharma says to approach some asana with  "Angry Determination".  If not, we just continue to repeat patterns, cycles, blaming everyone and everything but ourselves.  In fact, it is never an issue of blame, but rather acceptance of balance.  It is the dance of Lord Shiva.....Dancing in a Ring of Fire, never to be burned, and shinning in both masculine & feminin energy, united with all patterns and evolved without being burned.

Next time you go to your yoga mat, ask yourself what is the monster in the way to your Temple of JOY & Happiness?  Are you allowing a person to occupy space in your heart, to bully you, to lie to you......perhaps the real monsters, are you allowing these things to go on.  Love yourself, and let every breath be one of gratitude. 

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