Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ashtanga Yogis explore Anatomy & Ayurveda

Welcome to the new group of 200Hr Certified Ashtanga Yogi's in 2012.  It was such an honor to share in the journey of these wonderful people in Los Angeles.  While the original plan was to be with this group from day one, I was only with them towards the last few weeks.  Big thanks to my friends Deon & Deona that invited me to stay in their beautiful home & borrow their car for my commute to Beverly Hills.  Deon (a phenomenal drummer I have been friends with since meeting at Berklee College of Music) is actually on a juice fast, after self educating himself with films like "Food Matters",  "Food Inc.", "Fresh" and many more.....in his own words, he is not anti meat, he is anti meat industry.  In just 9 days, Deon lost 14lbs, feels so energized, and notices the changes in his body....that is right, just with an adjustment to Diet!

The irony of me having to drive in LA traffic daily was amazing for me, as I have enjoyed being a NYC pedestrian/subway commuter for very long, and I have been in multiple car accidents.  This was yet another opportunity for me to face my fears, and in such a beautiful setting.....Los Angeles you are a gorgeous place!

Back to the Ashtanga Yogis....Thank you Caroline for inviting me to be a guest teacher in your Training!  This amazing group of people from all over got together in Beverly Hills for daily Ashtanga Training.  By the time I met them their bodies were ripe with purification, their spirits were open to self exploration, and their minds were eager to learn more.  I was so happy to share with them Anatomy, Chakras, Ayurveda and Yogic Diet.  The funny thing I realize from every experience of teaching is that the student teaches the teacher so much.  This particular group was very receptive, ready with questions and optimistic about sharing this new light with others. 

The responsibility of a Yoga Teacher is one that I feel should always be addressed in any training.  We are not doctors, we are not therapists, we facilitate a compassionate experience for a student to explore their mind, body & spirit through this amazing practice of Yoga.  Without attachment to their reaction (praise or otherwise), we must always be a witness to their experience.  Thank you all for allowing me to share your journey!  I wish you so much Love & Light as you share this ancient practice with others. 

"In the light of dispassion, or non-attachment, the aspirant attains freedom from his desires, whims, ambitions, and anxieties." ~ SWAMI RAMA

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