Thursday, September 6, 2012

Equinox Yoga

With September 22 2012 fast approaching marking the fall equinox many changes are happening.  Kids are going back to school after summer vacation, warmer clothes are being pulled out of the closets, and harvest time is approaching.  Equinox is a time when night and day are equal.  This is also around the time for the beloved Ganesh Festival.  With autumn harvest in abundance, it is a time for giving thanks.  Many people suggest to begin rituals for manifesting new harvest in their lives.

Recently, after the close of the NYC Zoga Yoga Teacher Training Course, I was invited to explore yoga class at Equinox gym.  This is one of the leading chains of gyms in North America.  I took a Kripalu Yoga class and Yoga 360.  For me, I tend to prefer yoga classes that facilitate a mind-body-spirit experience, meaning classes that weave spiritual concepts through the flow, allowing me to burn through tapas, and clear my mind.  Teachers who have usually done this for me have been found in Ashrams in India, and others like (to name a few) Sri Dharma Mittra, Tao Porchon Lynch, David Swensen, and a few others.

There is always the stigma of "gym yoga".  However, I believe the class is how receptive you are to the practice, so I always like to venture with an open mind.  While like everyone, I may have my preference, each experience will teach me valuable lessons and increase my gratitude.

The Kripalu Yoga teacher brought us through a slow flow, with pigeon pose being the goal.  He gave brilliant adjustments to my friend who is brand new to yoga, and created an awesome energy in the packed sunday morning class.  Since I did not even seem to have a bead of sweat form on my body, I stayed for the next class called Yoga 360.  Basically if you have a round mat, it would be similar to circular or mandala type movements through a vinyasa flow.  Since we did not have round mats, we would use two mats and form them in a shape of a lower case "T".  The catch was, when we were in downward dog, we would jump our feet to the perpendicular mat and continue through the flow.  The teacher eventually brought us to a wide legged plank, which had my abs singing praises of "gym yoga" the next day.  Thank you to both teachers for an awesome experience.

Finally, with the theme of Equinox I want to share the beautiful video by Equinox Yoga Teachers & Yoga's Dynamic Duo: Dice Lida-Klein and Briohny Smyth.  This beautiful couple makes inversions and advanced asana look effortless, and their sweet personalities make it so easy to enjoy taking their classes.  In this video, the beautiful husband and wife team are exploring ACRO Yoga, which is more physics and trust than anything else.  It is so poetic to watch people flow through an Acro Yoga flow.  Thank you Dice & Bri for inspiring people as we approach the fall equinox.

If you have not seen the video yet please click the link below:
The Balancing Act with Dice and Briohny 

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