Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yoga with the Incredible Renee Diamond

During the summer I was fortunate to be teaching an amazing Zoga Yoga 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training in NYC, and made some time to take a yoga class for myself, with an incredible teacher, Renee Diamond.  For a long time I heard about Renee from another awesome Yogini/Inspiration, Tao Porchon Lynch.  Tao had mentioned numerous times that my energy reminds her of Renee and she was surprised we did not meet.  So finally, I met Renee.
Ambria and Renee Diamond after Diamond Fit Flow Yoga at Equinox

Renee Diamond is a powerhouse lady with a finesse for teaching.  I went to Equinox in Greenwich and Scarsdale to take her class.  The first attempt was not successful as I was late, and she was teaching her diamond cuts class, which was more like group fitness.  I watched from the window as this incredible teacher was smiling, leading, and encouraging people to get into the fun cardio-intense workout, and it reminded me of the Zoga-Laties class I once taught.  She appeared to have awesome energy and gave attention to every student!  The other thing that caught my eye was her funky pants.  Since Tao had mentioned her name a few times, I was hoping that before I leave NYC, I will get the chance to take her class.
Ambria and the AMAZING Tao Porchon Lynch

So I went to Greenwich and made it in time to her yoga class.  The class was packed.  We arrived just on time and she welcomed both my friend and I to take some tennis balls.  I was excited as I love when teachers bring unique things to class.  The class began with her guiding us where to place the balls on the sides of our spine, as we would roll through the most therapeutic floor vinyasa flow/massage I have experienced in a long time.  From there she guided us through more restorative and hip opening yoga asana.  She introduced students to a way to alleviate bodily tension in a cost effective way, because anyone can get a tennis ball and roll on it.  Basically using our own body weight allows us to control, but we also used these little massage balls while flowing through some yoga asana.  We placed the balls aside and went through some more yummy yoga asana.  Renee encourages students to use variations of asana that suit their ability level without pushing and with focus on breath.  The class had such a beautiful energy, and Renee's verbal cues were extremely precise.  From start to finish everything Renee took us through was with purpose/intent to take us out of our own minds, out of the reality of our bodies being in a busy gym, and bring us to the most incredible Savasana ever.  Without question everyone felt safe in her class, knowing that this is a person who has years of experience studying the human body, mind & spirit.  Once again, I was also struck by her awesome funky pants.  After class I thanked her for a wonderful yoga class, and we spoke of Tao, yoga, and she laughed and mentioned she had the same yoga pants as me.  She mentioned that she thought I was a long time yoga practitioner or yoga teacher by my practice, and I said yes to both.  I am so grateful to have finally met Renee and taken her class.  Though I am not a member of Equinox, and moved from NYC to pursue invitations of teaching in India, Europe etc., Renee invited me as her guest anytime I am in NYC, thank you Renee!!! This incredible teacher is someone I had recommended to my students in the past because of the referral from Tao, but now I recommend her because I have had the good fortune to take her awesome class.

Renee was one of the most gracious yoga teachers I have taken class with in a long time.  Her knowledge of the body is inspiring, and her ability to articulate it to a packed class of students is brilliant.  Thank you Renee and Equinox for bringing another incredible experience to my journey.

For more information about this amazing Yogini Renee Diamond, please visit her website:


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