Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yogis and Hurricane Sandy

Sending love and light to all my friends and students in NYC after this recent hurricane Sandy shook up the North East.  People all over the world have sent prayers as they watched the floods of 14 feet of water took over Battery Park, Subways become flooded, and estimated 38 deaths, 32 ft tall waves clearing the West Side Highway, and intense winds shaking buildings and witnessing the power of Mother Nature. 

For some yogis, the belief of Lord Shiva being disturbed from his meditation and dancing (Tandava) which brings on destruction to the Universe, and thus brings on the hurricane like winds.  For some people the theory of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) could have brought on this natural disaster.  For some, the belief that the full moon increased the destructive forces of the tides.  Sadly, for many people there was doubt in the power of mother nature because of the previous Hurricane Irene.  While it is now being called a tropical storm, there is no doubt that a lot of destruction was the result of this disaster. 
Double Rainbow over Manhattan day after Hurricane Sandy

New Yorkers stocked their homes with Emergency lights, candles, food, and bravery.  While Ashtanga Yogis adhered to the rule of no practice on full moon days, hatha/vinyasa yogis enjoyed the extra time to explore their home practice, and non-yogis embraced prayer and love on their path to enlightenment. Some Yogis posted videos on Social media of yoga at home, chanting, candle lit meditation and also the destruction that surrounded their homes.

While prayers worldwide go out to all the people of NYC, NJ and the various counties that were affected by Hurricane Sandy, it is now a time to rebuild.  This may be community yoga classes, Karma Yoga of volunteering to help clean up the city and helping neighbors, or just extending gratitude to all the people who made it a safe experience.  Like in our lives, we go through periods of destruction only so we can be stronger and shine brighter.  Like our yoga practice calls for union of mind-body and spirit, these challenges (both external or internal) are never meant for us to get discouraged, but rather to persevere, breathe, and continue our practice of uniting the mind-body and spirit.  Wishing all the people who were affected by this hurricane peace & love ~ Om Namah Shivaya.

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