Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year, welcoming the year of the snake, 2013, the age of aquarius.  I cannot enter this new year without gratitude for 2012.  The previous year brought me so many adventures all over India, Canada, USA (LA, NYC) to share Yoga Teacher Training as a guest teacher or a host, to inspire & be inspired.  I have so much gratitude to the students, and co-teachers who shared in these amazing experiences.  The previous year also brought me challenges for which I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn.

We made it passed the Maayan Apocolypse and have entered a new chapter.  While most gyms and yoga studios are busy promoting packages for a healthy start to the new year, individuals are setting goals to trim the waistline, and people all over and hopeful for a better year, commitment to the plan is key.  Whether your goal is better health, better relationships, better job, better travel, better spiritual evolution, all goals require a purpose, a plan, and a positive outlook.  While I would recommend daily asana, pranayama, and a healthy diet which includes more vegetables & fruits and less sugar and processed or GMO products, no adjustments should ever be approached with the mental process of deprivation, but instead JOY.  In fact we should enjoy the process and focus on the benefits.  Regardless of your resolution this new year, enjoy the process and have an attitude of gratitude.

TOP 10 Ways to Begin an AMAZING 2013:
  1. With a heart of Gratitude: Be thankful as often as possible, to people, to your faith, to your blessings and lessons/challenges.
  2. With a Dream Board: Creating a Picture Board with dreams and aspirations to help motivate you to maintain focus on making dreams come true.
  3. Clean your space: Make your space sacred and recognize the direct impact our surroundings have on our mental and emotional body, so get rid of the clutter.
  4. Clean your Heart: Sometimes you cannot get rid of the clutter of people that surround you, but you can adjust the amount of attention you give to negative people/situations, focus on the roses in your life rather than thorns.  Ignore the haters and wish them well.
  5. With Healthy Dietary Intake: While some may view dieting as a means of deprivation, instead commit to increasing water intake to maintain hydration, and increasing healthy items at meal times.  Eventually the glowing skin, healthy energy and weight loss will inspire a lifestyle change that is commited to healthy dietary habits.
  6. With a Quiet Mind: Quiet the Noise, commit to at least 10 minutes a day away from noise, either in prayer or meditation.  No gadgets, no requirements, except stillness and deep breaths.
  7. With Affirmation: Our word/mantra have a direct effect on our lives, so consciously choose your words.
  8. Give: Spend some time in Karma Yoga, or Volunteering.  Give back to the community, to an individual, donate clothes, donate time.....give and only then does the Universe give back.
  9. With movement:  While stillness is wonderful, our body is meant to move.  Choose to walk, ride a bike, dance, run, or challenge yourself in your asana practice, take a group fitness class, pole dance class, zumba class....whatever inspires you to move and get your heart rate up.  Also move your mind by enjoying music, reading, and taking courses/classes like Yoga Teacher Training, Reiki, Meditation etc., to evolve your being.
  10. LOVE: Love yourself, celebrate yourself, and Love the world around you.  The grumpy people might be annoyed by your zest for life, but soon enough your LOVE may soften their heart.

Wishing everyone an amazing 2013 with love, peace, joy, adventure, prosperity, health, and many opportunities to give thanks.  Thank you all for sharing in the journey. Namaste

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