Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Jimmy Kimmel-LuLu Lemon Yoga Pants Crisis Video

Recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel announced how LuLu Lemon, the widely embraced apparel for many yogis, especially white upper middle class white ladies (as he said), recalled their yoga pants, which resulted in a dip in their stocks.  He maintained that this was a crisis.  The pants were apparently transparent and therefore had to be recalled.  Jimmy Kimmel made a super funny comedy sketch/public service announcement and told audiences that this is a crisis we should take seriously. 

While some may argue that $120 is far too much to spend on yoga pants and monopolizes yoga in a way that this far opposite from the non-attachment mindset that yoga aims to provide, many people embrace the pants as the standard uniform for their practice.  Cardboard, Bubble Wrap and Yogurt are not the best alternatives for yoga pants.

The video concludes with

"With your donation of just $120, you can put one woman in one pair of yoga pants"


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