Sunday, March 24, 2013

Toronto Yoga Conference & Show

Since I am still working through some jet lagg, I had totally forgotten about the Yoga Show in Toronto.  Luckily a fellow Teacher had reminded me about it and I decided to stop by and check it out.  After spending years out of Southern Ontario, I am always amazed to see how Yoga has grown here in Canada.  With so many schools, teachers, students, people are truly being receptive to the practice.

The Metro Toronto Convention Center was host to the Toronto Yoga Conference.  A 3 day event with over 76 classes available with some of the most recognized Yoga Teachers in North America, and 200 exhibitors.  Cyndi Lee, Rod Stryker, Seane Corne, Gurunam, Leslie Kaminoff, Prahlada, Sadie Nardini, and my favorite Sri Dharma Mittra were just some of the amazing teachers giving workshop classes. 
After being out of NYC, and so many months away from one of my favorite teachers Sri Dharma  Mittra, I decided my mind-body-spirit needed his class.  Classes were held in various rooms in the convention center.  After class I ran into a fellow Yoga Teacher from my hometown who told me she only ventured to Dharma's class because of the recommendation I gave the last time (2years ago) when we met, and as expected she was so grateful to have experienced the class.  While the workshop style class was 2 hrs, it combined pranayama, yogic diet, and asana work.  The wisdom, the wit, and the essence of Sri Dharma Mittra combine to make the perfect inspiration for every yoga aspirant.   Another class I meant to check out was from Sivananda Teacher, Prahlada about Meditation and Mantra.

After class I decided to check out the Massive Exhibit, met some awesome Yoga Teachers, Musicians, and Health Foodies.  The place was buzzing with good vibes, yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts, yoga clothes, crystals, yummy food, healthy vegan food, and even a lovely woman who would walk around with a cart of fresh cut coconut water (straight from the coconut).  All in all this 3 day weekend was beautiful.  So happy to have met some radiant people, participated in class, and shared in the energy.

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