Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids Yoga fun at Bamboomoves

The Kids yoga class at Bamboomoves has had tons of fun this year. With learning new poses, yoga games, Halloween yoga, and even a special veggie tasting day, these kids have come a long way. One of our favorite games is the butterfly game, where kids flap their wings and use their memories to recite names, names of healthy foods or colors without repeating one that was said before. It's a great game to help improve their memories, and also stretch out tight muscles in the thighs/groin. For Halloween some kids came to class in their costumes, and we did Halloween inspired games and poses (Downward Wolf, Spooky Tree and much more). Yoga is an amazing way to teach kids about the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. With Childhood obesity rates growing, childhood diabetes and various other sicknesses related to lack of good nutrition and fitness, yoga is a great way to introduce children to a healthy lifestyle.

Halloween pic: (Tragedy Anne, Major Flirt, Black Cat. Lady Bug, and Elmo!)

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