Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Weekend

I had an outstanding weekend at the UPW event in New Jersey with Tony Robbins. Myself and my yoga students/friends attending this high energy event, jumped and danced out butts off, and made the commitment for massive change in our lives. I have studied Tony's methods for years, and even studied the people he studied. I tend to use his techniques with other people, in my yoga sessions, and I know that it works. However, I never used it on myself, because I had a limiting belief that I was not worth it. This weekend, I was not afraid of the fire walk, physical challenges excite me, and I know that my mind is the one that conquers them. For me, the breakthrough came at a personal level, which I know many people share. We can live our lives with the certainty of our job, of our finanaces, of our significance to our family or workplace, but if we have limiting beliefs on them it can impact our love. At the root of everything, we are all LOVE. While I have lived life with an abundance of love for everyone, I never realized how my love for myself was in need of improvement. I held on to negative circumstances, and negative words from people in my life, and allowed that to control my perception of my self worth. Which inevitably carried itself over in other areas of my life. I won't get into details, but let me just say, it was a true breakthrough. Now, while I have made changes, the world (negative people) will most likely tempt me to go back to the old me, but I torched that Sh*t this weekend, and feel brand new, I feel OUTSTANDING. If you know that you have been through a negative situation: Abusive relationship, rape, alcohol/drug addiction, food addiction, family members who verbally abuse you, job loss, business collapse, people who tell you that you can never achieve your dreams, know that these are roots that have affected many areas of your life...they are BS (a negative belief system).....and they can change in an instant. We cannot change the negative people, their comments etc, but we can change our reactions to them, which is power. Sadly, many times these negative people are our own family members. If you are in need of change, if you desire happiness, if you want to have the life of your dreams, then buy Tonys book, buy his CD Sets, or even better get to an event! And the people who say not to, well, misery loves company.

From a Yoga perspective: The principal Ahimsa: of non harming to all living beings- well it begins with YOU!, and Tony will get you there. The Principal of Santosha: Contenment/Joy - The weekend is like an amazing ROCK Concert, you will ooze santosha from every cell, and Tony even touches upon Diet and the need for an alkalized diet. This is information we all need, as healthy as my diet is, even I learned.

We live in a world, where many of us have family members who have had cancer, friends, and if not, you know someone who has had cancer. We know people with diabetes. This is toxicity. This is a situation that is an industry, created so pharmaceutical companys and the medical industry and government make BILLIONS, at our and our loved ones expense.

Do you want to live a life free of disease, body pain, headaches etc? You will learn how disease is the body's way of telling you that you are toxic, and need a cleanse. For me, I have loved an alkalized diet for a long time, never get sick, and healed myself of a major neck/back injury just weeks ago.....because I eat the right foods, do deep breathing (Pranayama), and yoga. What I never understood was peoples complaint, that "I don't like the way it tastes", when I would ask them to eat the greens. WELL THAT IS BECAUSE their body is so acidic it is craving more acid. Parents, when you use the excuse that your kids don't like the taste, you are responsible for that child, you are helping make them acidic which can lead to diabetes, cancer, and so many health problems. If this is something you can avoid, wouldn't you like to? Do the test for yourself, maybe test your Blood Ph, or eat a dark green salad....if you don't like the taste, you my friend are ACIDIC. Acidity brings on disease folks. If you don't like veggies, green foods, or drinking water, and you primarily eat white breads, sugars, sodas, meats, milk, junk foods that are marketed to you and your family's, you are actively choosing a slow suicide. One thing I hate, is the greed of our governments, pharmacy and medical industry that would rather feed people more drugs that create further acidity, contaminate and promote acidic foods, rather than inspire health and wellness. Even perscription drugs have commercials? Come on people? Lets wake up. The science behind yoga, the principal of Ahimsa non harming goes far beyond what we could dream. They did practice that diet to remain healthy and disease free.

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