Monday, September 26, 2011

Celebrating Yogi's - The Art of Subbing

This post is long overdue... to celebrate the magnificence of fellow Yogi's, and how amazing they are as subs. I once had a very well known teacher refuse to sub my classes at a Yoga Studio, because according to him, he dislikes subbing for a popular instructor because people are never receptive. While this can be true "sometimes", as people do get attached to their favorite Instructor, I actually don't agree with this sentiment, because people who want to practice yoga, just want to practice yoga. That being said, it can be intimidating to sub or take over a class for a popular Instructor, I had to take over the classes for the Amazing Andrew Tanner, and initially I was intimidated, but with his encouragement/vote of confidence, I jumped into the role.

That being said, subbing at a studio is very different than subbing for a Private class. Regardless of where you are, the best advice is to be yourself, sincere, appreciative, and make em' sweat :)

For me, the reason why I continue to enjoy taking classes with a variety of Instructors, and highlighting their efforts, is because learning, is part of the reason why many of us, including myself, embarked on becoming a Yoga Instructor. It is important for us to show appreciation & gratitude for every Instructor, for we are all on the same mission "to inspire to a healthier mind-body & Spirit".

The Art of Subbing is exactly that sometimes, an art. You have to be able to paint a fresh picture, create a landscape, stir up a rhythm, inspire an energy, cultivate a passion that allows people to escape on a magical journey that leaves them yearning for more, or just show up and teach a forgettable class....but no one wants the latter.....therfore, to Sub can be a sense of intimidation for both the Sub Instructor and the student....a chance for us to practice abhyasa-vairagyabhyam (detachment, non expectations)

Since I have been in Canada, I am grateful to have explored teaching up here, embraced the beauty of nature with daily outdoor practice, embraced the beauty of stillness (anything is still compared to NYC LOL), embraced Raw Vegan Lifestyle, and had the honor to receive endless, magnificent feedback from two AMAZING yoga Instructors!!!

While I encouraged all of my Private Yoga Students to embrace the yoga practice with a substitute teacher in my absence, only two of them agreed to this (which I was so happy about, as I wanted them to continue their practice), and Joseph took this task on with such awesome energy. The other class was a group class at a local Temple in the Bronx, Jessica had been covering these classes, and has gone on to inspire people to follow her at other locations where she teaches!!

The feedback for both of these Instructors came as no surprise, since Joseph has experience as an incredible Martial Arts teacher, PreK teacher, Reiki Master Healer & Crystal Healer and overall AWESOME person!!! And Jessica also has experience as a NYS school teacher (which takes a lot of patience since she works with the hormonal age group), she does Crystal Healing and also is an overall AWESOME person!!! Both of them have an awesome presence, compassion, and ability to inspire.

WOW! These two individuals are absolutely remarkable! The feedback on these two individuals has been "Awesome Energy", "Love Yoga with Joseph" "Jessica has an incredible presence, I felt so relaxed" "Loved the class", "I want to take more classes with Joseph", "Jessica Rocks!", "You should be so proud!"....and much more!!!

Both Joseph & Jessica embarked on the Zoga Yoga Teacher Training experience this year, learning with me and various other amazing Instructors. They continue to learn and grow from other AMAZING Instructors, as I always encourage them to do, and have since gone on to be AMAZING YOGA INSTRUCTORS themselves. I have heard tremendous feedback from all the graduates, but these two individuals were gracious enough to cover some of my classes in my absence, and students went out of their way to email me feedback, send pics and RAVE about both of them!!! so I had to share the awesomeness!!!

Thank you Joseph & Jessica for sharing your AMAZING love & light with people. I am honored to have taught you, learned from you, and shared with you. ~ Om Shanti

Photos: -Joseph Instructing a private class which judging from the feedback is now his to teach permanently.
-Jessica & Ambria @ The Zoga Yoga Teacher Training Gradutation

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