Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crystal Healing - Tiger Eye

If you are searching for a crystal to work with that provides a sense of grounding, focus, clarity and cleansing from your past, Tiger Eye is a wonderful choice! Working with Tiger eye is a wonderful stone for this Autumn season. Tiger Eye is an excellent grounding stone. It is part of the quartz family of chalcedonies, and composed of red jasper and hematite. This season is all about letting go, which is a way for cleansing to take place in nature. In our bodies the Lungs and Large Intestine, relate to the Metal Element for this season and both meridians allow the body to let go and cleanse. In order for us to let go, being aware and accepting ourselves, along with being grounded helps.

How Tigers eye come into play are: by placing it on the 3rd eye chakra we are said to become more intuitive, and by placing it on the lower chakras it is said to stimulate the kundalini energy. It is a stone to restore self worth, especially if placed on the Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra). Since this stone is said to provide balance to both hemispheres of the brain, it is a great stone for clarity, focus, balance and courage. This is the stone to create order out of chaos, so perfect for someone working on balance in their life on and off the yoga mat. Tiger Eye helps for protection and it was once carried to ward off curses and negative energy.

It's healing properties include the eyes, stomach, colon, digestion and broken bones.

Similar to the qualities of a Tiger, this stone inspires patience, alertness, deliberate action, perfect timing and focus. This lovely stone is a beautiful piece for jewelry, and has the healing energies that can benefit so many people.

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  1. Tiger eye is the very useful stone for crystal healing. As I am using this crystal so I really want to say thanks to share this type of article with all.