Friday, September 2, 2011

Juicing - Cheers to Good Health

Since I have been back in Canada, I have spending time with a relative who is in semi paralysis, enjoying time with my niece and nephew, exploring and enjoying teaching yoga up here, and of course missing my lovely yogis in NYC. Seeing the rapidly growing cancer rate in Canada, and witnessing how many people are sadly oblivious to how their diet affects their body has inspired me to put my juicing into full affect. So with my Cinematic Team My 7yr old niece Katarina (Director) and 4 yr old nephew (Prop Manager) we are making juicing videos to inspire the world to health and wellness.....and in the process these amazing kids are enjoy Drinking Healthy Drinks!

For the past couple years, teaching up to 6 classes a day in NYC (and loving it!), I have maintained my Vegetarian lifestyle (and loving it), and had MAXIMUM energy. Juicing has been a staple in my daily life.

Why does our body need to have more vegetables and fruits?
  • Vegetables provide more alkalinity to the body, and oxygenation to cellular development and our blood
  • Reality check, our body is made up for 75% water, we need to be replenished
  • The body requires the most amount of energy for Digestion, NOT ANY WORKOUT, but digestion....therefore we need to eat and drink things that provide optimal benefit and least taxation for our digestive system.
  • While many yogis abide by AHIMSA (non-harming to all living things, myself included) when embarking on Vegan/Vegetarian dietary habits, we must understand that when we eat meat (especially hormone fed meats of today) our body does not have the enzymes to break down the extremely high amounts of URIC acid in the meats, which is a direct reason for the ever growing colon cancer, liver, pancreatic and Diabetes rates in north America.
  • Vegetables are the richest source of water, vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, and phytonutrients, that is something we want!
  • YES I SAID CALCIUM! Calcium found in the whole "Milk Does a Body Good Campaign" is untrue.....because while Milk may be high in Calcium, it is not AT ALL absorbed by our HUMAN BODY. We are not COWS. Our body does not have the enzyme, or chemical ability to break down the truly minute amount of calcium found in Milk. Milk is also high in hormones, and other additives. This can be directly linked to our growing population of people with bone density issues and osteoporosis.
  • The vitamins and minerals from juicing instantly absorb into the blood stream.
  • Veggies give you the highest source of energy. What was my before Zogaliaties (a class known for intensity and high energy) snack? A Banana or Kale Salad and I was bursting of energy!
  • Veggies and Fruits are low in calorie, rich in taste and have nutritional value for the body, therefore much better than anything processed or in a package which takes longer for your body to digest.
  • Veggies help to clear skin, detoxify the body, purify the blood, decrease mucous, neutralize free radicals, energize you, stimulate digestion, reduce fat, and provide iron.
  • Spinach - High in Iron and Calcium (Popeye ate it)
  • Kale - Rich in Calcium, and Amino Acids
  • Parsley - High in Vitamin C, Strengthens Adrenals
  • Cilantro - High in Vitamin C, Removes heavy metals
  • Basil - High in Vitamin K, great for Lymphatic system (excellent to reduce Celulite)
  • Cucumber - high in Water, detixifier (put it on your eyes and watch the puffy go away)
  • Watercress - SUPER DUPER High in Calcium!!! Anti Mucous for Asthma sufferers, jump on it!
  • Ginger - Excellent for the stomach and Circulation
  • Celery - Alkalizing and detoxification for the body!
  • Beets - Excellent for Kidneys, Blood purification and helps mens prostate health.
These can be easily juiced for a yummy, delicious, healthy drink! If you want to inspire someone to be healthier, invest in a juicer and drink to your health.

A side story.....growing up, my beloved mommy was embracing a predominantly vegetarian type of diet. Her preference was organic and we had a lovely garden. She was known to add spirulina and eat her greens. When she had cancer in full affect (it was in her family history), anytime I made fresh juice for her, her body would literally reject it, and instead she wanted to eat ribs (Something SHE NEVER ATE BEFORE, EVER!). The disease in her body (which is ACIDIC and made her blood acidic) was craving more acidity, therefore rejecting the Alkalinity found in the juice.

So if you are wondering why you hate the taste of is perhaps because your acidity level of your blood is high....acidity craves more acidity, acidity also eats away at your internal organs and inhibits healthy cellular development. Perhaps you need to monitor what your daily intake of food is. Is your diet consisting of more processed foods? More with white flours, sugars, salts etc? Then your blood may be more on the acidic side.

There are ingredient listings on your daily snacks....with some chemicals we cannot even pronounce....yet when you purchase a head of lettuce, there is no bizarre ingredient list....because it is just plain lettuce.

Remember, being skinny does not mean you are healthy on the inside. So for all those on the fad diets that are super high protein, or starvation-esque....if you are contracting diabetes, or issues with your may want to rethink your approach to health and wellness. You may want to think about your inside body.

Look to inspirations like Paramahansa, Sri Dharma Mittra, Lou Corona etc. Make subtle changes and watch how your energy sky rockets, your skin glows, your pants sizes drop, and you look and feel AMAZING!!!


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