Thursday, December 15, 2011

Burning Sage - Clearing Energy

Sage is an herb known for its healing and medicinal properties. The botanical name for sage is "Salvia Apiana" which comes from the Latin root Salvare, which means "to heal or to save". Since ancient times people have used Sage to clear negative energy, and bring purification to homes, objects, etc. Sometimes sage is bundled up into smudge sticks, white dried sage or even dessert sage is burned to give off a smoke & aroma said to clear out any negative energy. Some people say it improves their Spiritual practices, and some say say that it creates happiness and abundance to their lives and homes. You can also use loose leaves and burn them in an Abalone Shell or some sort of bowl so that the ash does not get everywhere. Many people who do healing work, use Sage as part of their ritual practice. It really creates a lovely energy and has a sweet fragrance. It is a wonderful addition to cleanse the energy of a Yoga Studio, or Reiki Healing Space. Also, burning of sage is great to use for your Crystals. Sage will make your crystals sing, and your homes ring with abundance of Joy and Bliss. Recently, my fellow Yogi and dear friend Joseph shared some Fresh Sage that was grown by his friend. A huge box of Lavendar Sage and other wonderful! I like to think of Sage as a Spiritual Shower. If you are looking for something to set the energy of your home, cleanse for your crystals or yourself, look into burning some sage and embrace the energy. ~ Om Shanti

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