Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yoga with Mary

After my time at the Zendo, my very first Yoga class was with Mary Krensavage, 10 am-ish at the Reebok Sports Club. Mary is an amazing Dharma Yoga Instructor who teaches wonderful Yoga Classes. Her classes are creative, challenging and incredibly balancing to the mind-body & spirit. She was actually subbing the class this particular morning. I had taken class with Mary before, when she had played her "Rock" playlist. Like many yoga teachers she has a few "playlists" to pick from for her yoga classes. The "Rock" - playlist yoga class had us flowing through sweaty vinyasa flows where we did push-ups after every chuturanga, it was awesome!

I knew I was in for an awesome challenge at 10 am with Mary, on a Monday morning, after coming from a week of sitting hours and hours.....oh WOW!

This particular class was packed, and she played her "Zen" playlist. An amazing play list of soft music that echoes in the heart and soul. I was joined by my friends/Sensei's, Joseph & David. The playlist couldn't have been more fitting for me personally, since I was fresh from the Zendo. Amazing, peaceful music that guided us through a class of mega hip-openers. She started class with a lovely meditation, integrating a story of the new timers set on the walk/don't walk street signals. She was telling us to embrace our own time, and avoid pushing or rushing to nail a pose and rather just be present to where our body needs to be. Mary had us flowing through a wildly creative, and challenging vinyasa, with her harmonious voice to lead us in the occasional breath cue. Mary gives breath cues almost like a song, you can't help but extend your inhalation as she swoops the word into a magnificent crescendo. During the beginning of class, a crystal that I had kept in my sports bra popped right out and onto my yoga mat, Joseph noticed it, and we both shared a little laugh.

The class had a deja-vu moment for me.....So here we go, flash back years ago, when Dharma East was the main Dharma Center in NYC, it was packed with the regulars, amazing bendy, flying yogis, and I was in class with my ankle bandaged up. I was in a little bit of pain, but wanted to take Dharma's class so badly, that I had taken a cab from my Upper West Side yoga class, just to attend. I was so grateful to be there, even if I knew physically it would be a challenge. We went through a literal "race" of Surya Namaskar. Sri Dharma challenged the entire room to "beat him", of course none of us did, and a specific song played when I rose my head up to the last Tadasna, simultaneously, Mary Krensavage, who I didn't know personally, except as a familiar friendly face at Dharma's, with her hair in adorable pig tails, was directly across from me in this Massive Ocean of yogis packed into Dharma East, smiled at me. Her smile made me feel so amazing. Energetically she was sending me love & positive energy. I had a moment of feeling like I didn't belong in the Master Level class, since I knew my ankle was a little sore, but her comforting smiles made me feel reassured to stay with my breath and my heart filled with gratitude. As we progressed through class, Dharma came and adjusted me into a deeper variation of Pigeon, it felt heavenly.

So Fast Forward to this DE-JA-VU moment....Well, in this "Zen" class, I am in a forward fold, hands wrapped around my calves, and the same song comes on, I slowly stand up and see Mary smiling. A flood of grateful tears began to fill my eyes, as the moment couldn't have been more perfect.

I thanked Mary after class for another brilliant experience, and told her about my Deja-vu experience. We hugged, laughed and her eyes started to tear, as she actually remembered that specific moment.

Regardless of if you have an injury that forces you to modify your practice, or apprehension due to a break from your regular Yoga practice....Embrace the moment, embrace each breath, surrender to that Portion of God within your heart, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Yoga has an amazing way to connect your mind-body-spirit and remind you of the beauties of life.

Thank you so much Mary for amazing classes! I love to practice with you! ~ Om Shanti

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