Friday, March 2, 2012

Goa Bound - Beauty and the Beach

So my travels in India take me to Goa. This is my mini break from teaching and even practicing. My new friend & new Yogini Maayan decided to travel here to practice some more Ashtanga with Ralph and Marci, so I joined for the trip. The first night we sat and had dinner on the beautiful Anjuna Beach. Jupiter and Venus were aligned and we could see this spectacular sky display in full view. It was lovely. We have enjoyed the beach, the market, the friendly local people and relaxing. While there are many different Yoga, and Reiki classes available here in Goa.....there is something remarkable about meditating with the sound of the Ocean waves crashing on the shore. And the newest thing I got to do on the beach was getting my eyebrows threaded. Threading is the common way to keep brows in shape in India. Instead of using tweezers or wax, women use thread. Goa is beautiful!!! Few more days and I head north to teach, study and enjoy India. Namaste and thank you for sharing the journey.

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