Monday, January 9, 2012

Yoga and Art Part 2: Selling Sex or Simply just Sexy Yogis?

Recently an incredibly gifted Yogini, Briohny Kate Smyth who is part of the Dynamic Duo of the West with her amazing fiancé Dice, made an awesome yoga video with Equinox. The video is of her doing her brilliant Yoga Asana practice. It is shot in her room, sweet music echoes with panoramic views of her surroundings while she dives into one of the most inspiring Yoga Asana flows I have witnessed, and she happens to be in her panties while she is practicing. She looks amazing. Possibly one of the most inspiring Yoga Videos I have watched. I am grateful to have taken her classes, so I can honestly say, this lady is an AMAZING Goddess!

She flows through handstands into koundinyasana, lotus, and crow with such ease and grace. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out, and has a strength and power to her asana practice that many aspire for. She is a caring Yoga Instructor who demonstrates with expertise and humility, she teaches with compassion and care, and she practices with strength and power.....She is awesome.

After this amazing video was posted, there was a small uproar in the Yoga community. While most people, myself included, were awe struck by the video, some people sadly, had negative comments and saw it as sexualization of the Yoga Practice. Just because she was in her panties? The traditional Yoga Practice is actually done in a loin cloth, so in that case, Bri is overdressed. When will we be able to see the beauty of the female form as art? When will we lose our prudish views on the human body?

I myself often times practice in my panties or even less. Though never having the courage to set up a camera, when I watched Bri's video I was more mesmerized by her brilliant asana practice and saw it as truly inspirational. The same uproar happened when another Brilliant yogini from the West Coast, Kathryn Budig posed for Yoga ToeSox advertisements in the nude. The pictures in my view are incredibly artistic depictions of a beautiful woman doing challenging Yoga Asana. Kathryn's yoga practice is amazing! While some may argue, is it necessary to dress like that for yoga pictures/videos, or in Kathryn's case not dress, I say, if it bothers you so much, just don't look. Is it sex selling yoga? NO, these women just happen to be sexy and they practice Yoga.

In my own life I have noticed that when others have critical comments to make, or see things with negative goggles, it is actually their own insecurity, envy or even limitations that they are conveying. Many respected sages and Yogis in India practice naked, and this is because they have fully embraced the YAMA, "Aparigraha", non possessiveness.

It is so easy to point a finger at someone else, but remember when we do there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. Sadly, the same men who say women use sex to sell yoga, have their shirt off half the time.

Thank you Briohny & Kathryn, my fellow Yoginis. You both inspire my practice and the practice of many other people worldwide.

If you have not seen the amazing video yet it is under my favorites on my Youtube Page, or click the link below:


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