Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Manifesting Dreams with Yoga in Kerala

"Do your practice and all is coming" ~ Sri K Pattabhi Jois

So my trip to India has so far taken me from Delhi where I saw a friend, then to Calcutta where I volunteered with Missionaries of Charity, to Chennai where I saw my Aunty, and now Kerala, the birth place of my parents where I can see my family, where I am studying Ashtanga Yoga, where I am teaching yoga & Chakras, and enjoying the lush paradise scenes of the backwaters of India (Kerala).

As I have said to many of my beloved students in the past, write down your dreams, your aspirations, meditate on them and watch how the Universe brings those things to you. Our thoughts are the key factor of quantum physics, vibrational energy that brings to your life exactly what you seek, and exactly what you are meant to learn from or let go of. Key point, if you want to manifest amazing things, please let go of the things that no longer serve you (grudges, painful memories etc....This will lighten the load for your journey)

So the things I wrote on my list last year:
  1. To See my family in IndiaTo study Ashtanga Yoga & become a certified Ashtanga Yogi & deepen my practice.
  2. To Volunteer with Missionaries of Charity in India.
  3. To study Ashtanga Yoga & become a certified Ashtanga Yogi & deepen my practice.
  4. To Teach Yoga and study Yoga in a beautiful location surrounded by water and nature.
  5. To meet my Teacher in India
  6. To study Ayurveda
  7. To travel to the Northern part of India
  8. To Study Kriya & Meditation
Last year, I wrote that I want to go to India and see my family, it had been a few years since I was here. I spent my Birthday with my Uncle and Aunt, and have seen almost all of my relatives so far.

I spent one of the most amazing weeks of my life with the Missionaries of Charity, working at Daya Dan, the orphanage for children with special needs. This experience introduced me to amazing new friends from all over the globe, allowed me to see Mother Teresa's Tomb, and spend time with children who will forever remain in my heart.

I also wrote that I want to finally study Ashtanga Yoga. This was on a list years ago, but in the past I would get sick on my many trips to India, I had family obligations, and also I had many injuries (unrelated to Yoga), that left the Ashtanga practice as far to intimidating. But here I am today, enjoying Ashtanga and discovering new muscles.

If you look at my list above, technically I have crossed off item #1,2,3,4 & 6.

The location where I am studying Ashtanga and teaching yoga/chakra in Kerala is on a beautiful exotic Island, 15 minutes from my family. The experience has been so amazing! I am so grateful for the amazing teacher who invited me to teach here during her training, what a blessing.

On my list items #5,7 & 8 will happen in the month of march when I travel north to Dharmshala.

I share this post with tremendous gratitude for the opportunity to learn and teach in the place where my family originates from, in the place where Yoga originates from, and where many of my beloved teachers are from. Also, I share this to inspire people to understand how quickly the universe responds to our desires, our thoughts, our mind.

Watch your thoughts, as they are the map to your life. While the Asana practice is amazing, it is all preparations for us to become one with God, one with this Universe and experience Samadhi.

Namaskaram from Kerala

Ashtanga Yoga Clinic, Class with Ayurveda Doctor, and Me on the Boat getting to the island where I am studying & teaching in Kerala.

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