Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome New Ashtanga Yogis

Welcome Freshly Certified Ashtanga Yogis to the Worldwide Yoga Community. It has been a blessing to share in this journey. Thank you Caroline for inviting me to join in this experience both as an instructor & participant. Thank you fellow Ashtangi's for making this such a beautiful experience. I know each individual will go on to spread the energy of love & positivity everywhere they go. Congratulations Jaro, Asya, Joanna, Whitney, Elaine, Kim, Sophie, Bob, Bev, Ulrike, Margharita, Maayan, Clare, and Willa (we missed you Willa). Thank you all for helping me grow as a teacher and as a student to the brilliant of practice yoga. Love you all.

Photo: (taken on our last dinner night with live entertainment & a special Birthday cake for Kim)
Top L-R: Ulrike, Margharita, Bob, Whitney, Asya, Clare, Kim, Maayan
Bottom L-R: Joanna, Jaro, Ambria, Sophie, Elaine, Bev

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